Friday, January 20, 2012

a year in review: 2011

2011 was an amazing year for us! so many things were changing but having a huge effect on us. as a couple, as a family, we had a fantastic year full of wonderful memories. with some exciting changes & a busy two months planned already i can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us. i figured i would jump on the bandwagon & go over the past year.

UPDATE: this is really late, ooppps! i started it weeks ago & just now got around to finishing it!

•we won't talk about that since i didn't have this little piece of internet, so honestly, i don't even remember, it was a long time ago.

•this is when i finally decided i would put my love for writing to use & started this little blog of mine.

•we went to our very first monster jam [& are currently planning our trip back this year]

•we along with my parents took the boys to the local zoo for a special dinosaur exhibit they had called dinonites

•we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary by heading out to st.pete for a mini staycation & some quality time, just the two of us.

•we post our first video on the blog

•the kids went to their first fair when we took them to the strawberry festival. this is also when we tried chocolate dipped bacon. don't judge, it was actually amazing!

dino day happened & it was awesome! the day spent at dino world, the night spent at downtown disney & dinner at T-REX

•i got a break & the hubs & i spent some quality time together while we were babyless for an entire weekend

•we started fundraising

•i may have had a nervous breakdown. all moms have those ... right?!

•we headed to our favorite mall to celebrate the arts

•my car decided to light itself on fire in the middle of the night. absolutely terrifying!

•after the most scary & stressful night of my life[see above] we decided to go unwind by having my bestie come scoop us up & tailgate at the jimmy buffett concert

•our first & only trip to the beach as a family in 2011

•jeremiah & i celebrated FIVE years together

•easter weekend happened in three parts. herehere & here

•i had won concert tickets so we headed out to orlando, spent the afternoon with my aunt from chicago, & went to the usher & akon concert. it was amazing!

•we bought a new car. well used. but new to us after the fire. i finally got my SUV

•it was mother's day & i slept. a lot! what else do you do on the one day a year that's for YOU

•braedon post another video

•we celebrated jeremiah's 31st birthday

•one of our best park days all year. lunch at mickey d's & not just one BUT two parks

•we had a pretty poopy day

•court day came. a guilty verdict. 65 years in prison & we were thrilled

•me, my bestie, sissy & her friend headed to st.pete for the 97x backyard bbq. i am not a rocker but it was awesome. we even experienced our first mosh pit & met one of the bands backstage

•i was featured for the first time ever over on naptimemomtog


•we bought season passes to sea world, busch gardens & the water park. i haven't regretted it for one minute. we made our first family trip to sea world

•not long after we took our first family trip to busch gardens

•braedon scared the crap out of us when we thought he smashed his finger

•colton lost his best pal hips at busch gardens & we spent a million dollars to order him the very last one on the planet.

•i turned twenty five & then we celebrated by going to busch gardens without the kids to ride some rollercoasters

•yep, yet another family trip to busch gardens[ we made a lot of those this year]

we celebrated the 4th of july at busch gardens & saw fireworks the day before the 4th.

•my brother in law flew in on the 4th & we went downtown for the night

•we had tons of fun while my BIL was here. we went bowlinggator searching & we rode rollercoasters in the pouring rain[without the kids of course]

•i fractured my foot

•my baby boy braedon turned 2 years old & proved he is getting way too big, way too fast

•we spent his birthday hanging out at home. opening presents & my parents came over with dinner. we ended the night with some good treats & skype with family

•we threw him a huge toy story party

•the keep our angel home fundraiser was a huge success & colton was on the news


•braedon gave us another scare

•we went on our first camping trip as a family of four

•we went to our first baseball game as a family of four when the detroit tigers were in town

•i shared a day in the life of us.

•i had a cup of coffee end up costing me over $100 since i managed to get pulled over in the 30 second drive to the gas station

•we said goodbye to our kitty maize

zoo boo shriek peek: we continued our tradition of our trip to the zoo for their halloween festivities 

•we got last minute club level tickets to go see the falcons play the bucs

•we learned how to remove sharpie from furniture

•with colton's birthday quickly approaching i shared colton's birth story

•my sweet boy turned four

•we celebrated with presents, breakfast at bob evans & a day at busch gardens

•we threw him a pretty awesome scooby doo birthday party

•we had VIP passes to legoland for before the park opened to the public & spent the day with my mom

•colton had a huge bump & scared the crap out of us

•hubs took me to see the saints game in tampa, club level, saints sideline! 

 •halloween happened

•i had the most ridiculous DMV experience ever

•i had an epic mommy fail

•we celebrated thanksgiving

•i broke my husband & won the war! we got our christmas tree up

lady luck was on fire again

•we had some baking fun

•then i got pneumonia. a week before christmas. sucky!

•& then there was christmas

•finally there was new years, but i never got around to posting about that.

so it was a little late but it was fun taking a look back through the year & i am so happy i started this blog to help me remember all the moments, big & small 

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