Wednesday, January 4, 2012

top 11 of 2011

have you guys been over to naptimemomtog lately?! if not go... now! she is one of my favorite bloggers & currently happens to have an awesome contest going on. top 11 of 2011 i am a little late joining in on the fun, if you want to go enter, do it now ... you have till midnight tonight!

seriously, this was hard. harder than hard. i have hundreds of photos of my kids from the year. while i am not a photographer & my pictures are not all fantastic, it was still SO HARD. so these are what i came up with. these are 11 of my favorite pictures from the year. i also happen to have most of these in frames :)

Naptime Momtog

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Cedar said...

Very sweet! I love the one on the beach!