Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it was crazy ... & then it wasn't

remember i had talked about the crazy busy weekend we had planned ... & how come monday i would have plenty of time to blog about it?!

well the weekend was amazing! jam packed full of fun &exhausting. monday morning we headed out to drop off the boys with my in-laws, came home, the hubs left for work. i showered, ate lunch & then slept. not just for an hour or two but all day long. i couldn't believe it! typically when the kids are away i don't sleep, i actually feel like it's wasted time. i don't get much time to myself ever so why waste it sleeping. obviously monday my body & mind had different plans. while the entire day was wasted away [i finally got up & turned the tv on around 7pm] i have to admit it was actually kind of nice & obviously much over due.

then yesterday happened. kids were still visiting with family & jer worked a 13 so it was just me here all day... & i was actually productive, go me! i got the house clean, laundry done washed [i have yet to fold or put it away], dinner made & then enjoyed the peace & quiet. for real guys, i woke up at 8am & even after i had done everything it was hours before i even hit the power button on the remote, i sat in the quiet. it was nice, but a piece of me was missing the sounds of franklin & toy story.

as we speak now my husband is off visiting with family & picking up the kids. i am missing them like crazy but didn't go because i don't feel good. hard to explain, i don't feel ill, i am just lacking energy & my body is achy. just blah... so i stayed home & will see the littles in a couple hours.

as for posts of our weekend, still keep an eye open for them probably over the weekend once everything settles down a bit & we are back in our normal routine. i have a ton of pictures i need to get on the computer & sort through before i can make my posts, so check back soon!

hope you're all having a great week!

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