Wednesday, January 4, 2012

christmas recap [massive photo dump]

[you've been warned. this post contains a ridiculous amount of adorable pictures]

i know i am late BUT better late than never right?! our christmas was nothing short of amazing this year! it is my favorite holiday, the lights, the sounds, i get just as excited for christmas as a small child. the smiles on the kids faces christmas morning. giving gifts to those who mean the most to me makes me so happy! 

our christmas festivities started the weekend before. i was still sick so jeremiah & the boys packed up to go celebrate with his dad & step mom[they were leaving to spend christmas in vegas the next day] they came home with bags full of presents & i knew right then they were going to get way too much for christmas. they came home with some pretty neat stuff & i after years of wanting & asking finally scored a saints snuggie!

christmas eve was a little different for us this year. christmas eve also happens to be my sister's birthday! she turned 15!! this year [& man am i feeling old. it seems like just yesterday she was the age of my children] usually when jeremiah gets off work we head to mom's for birthday cake & presents. celebrate with her & then finally late, we open our christmas eve presents from my parents. ever since my sissy has been around december 24th has always been birthday with a half hour of christmas eve before bed. this year though jeremiah was able to leave work at a decent hour & we were able to go meet them for dinner, so we had dinner, watched football & let chase open her birthday gifts from us & then after dinner we opened our christmas pajamas from our parents & headed home, for the first time ever, to celebrate christmas eve. we all changed into our jammies, let the kids opened their xmas eve presents from us & then played trouble[ a new tradition we started. let them open a new game & play as a family] then we scattered reindeer food, left milk & cookies & then santa got to work.

being so sick i had still managed to do all the shopping & most of the wrapping in the days leading up to christmas eve, i didn't want to be up all night wrapping, i was however up all night making desserts for xmas at mom's house. around 4am we finally headed to bed.

 [my candy cane cake. i also made a cheesecake & a chocolate cheesecake]

 [obviously these chairs didn't fit under the tree. one for each boy]
[looks like santa came]

after going to bed at 4am i had been looking forward to a tough day after what i was sure was going to be a 7am wake up call instead the boys slept till 9am! AMAZING!!! i ran to the gas station for coffee & then we let the unwrapping begin. boy was santa good to these boys of mine. as for jer & i. for two months we planned on not getting each other anything. i got a new laptop in november so i told him i didnt want anything [but i did end up with a brand new official nfl saints hoodie] & jer got the new madden game & a shiny new watch.] christmas morning was exactly how i had imagined. huge smiling babies. they both sat in their new chairs unwrapping their gifts [which was the image i had in my head as soon as i bought them]. after presents we played with some new toys, ate snowman pancakes & then got cleaned up & ready to head to mom's for xmas round 2

 [the above photos are from my phone]

 [the damage: braedon's pile]
 [daddy checking out his new watch]
[the damage: colton... the stuff he hadn't already opened]

at mom's house we enjoyed a mexican dinner [ to switch it up a bit] which was amazing! opened more presents. as usual the kids got some really cool stuff from them [ & were totally spoiled] we drank wine, watch the football game, had many laughs, skyped with my family in chicago since they couldn't be with us, played with new stuff & started ... changing clothes ....

 [my parents got the boys their very own chicago bears jerseys. brainwashed]
 [they had to put them on immediately]
[& then braedon got a hoodie & had to put that on too]
 [just hanging out]
 [so happy about his new camera]
 ["sleeping" in the presents, haha]
 [little people zoo]
[just like buzz lightyear]

hope you all had a fabulous holiday

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~Pam~ said...

Great post and of course I endjoyed all the pics!! :-)
Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2 weeks!!! I can hardley believe it!!!
lots of love xoxo