Friday, January 20, 2012

brothers ♥ best friends

my boys have an amazing relationship! now don't me wrong, they fight, steal toys, push each other around. the normal things brothers do. BUT at the end of the day they are best friends. always running to help each other if help is needed. concerned about the other if something is wrong. play pals [most days].

at home while when you watch the two of them you can sense their closeness they don't really spend that much time playing "together". they play beside each other. the might run into each other at the same toy every now & then & play WITH each other then.

camping was refreshing. it was so nice for jer & i to get some time to unwind & enjoy each other but it was amazing watching the kids enjoy each other. being in the middle of the woods, with limited toys, they only had each other to play with & they did play with each other the entire time! showing each other what cool new game they should play, helping each other climb on the playground, pushing each other on the swings.

they were entertained the entire time, not by us, not by toys or tv, or technology. they were entertained by each other & it was incredible to just sit back & watch. i love these boys so very very much & while i wish they would stay little forever i can't wait for them to grow & watch their friendship grow

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