Monday, December 5, 2011

sunday confessional; 6th edition

sorry i am a day late this week.
yesterday we took the kids to see sesame street live & then came home, cleaned up & then the hubs & i watched the saints stomp all over the lions! WHO DAT!! so here we go:

51] speaking of football... i was in the same room[feet away] as the entire indianapolis colts organization along with many many other players, coaches & owners in the NFL. UNFORTUNATELY it was under horrible circumstances. it was a funeral for the son of the colts coach, i went to school with him, hung out with him,he was my friend. so so sad :( RIP james.

52] as a present for my 8th grade graduation i received from my parents ... the summer in the florida keys!

53] i love tattoos but personally only have one. i love it. it's located in the perfect spot. it's on my back but a lot of people have never seen it. 

54] i've been stung by a jelly fish! & it sucked BAD. we were in the keys[a different time] & my sister had been stung prior on the trip. so i am in the water, feel something wrap around my leg, OUCHHHHH, nobody believed me. they thought it was all in my head because of all  the jelly fish talk untili got out of the water & they saw it.

55] i have broken 3 of 5 toes on my right foot. in order. big & so on. just earlier this year i had thought i broke my baby toe on that foot, turned out i actually fractured the bone in my foot. but that's all i've never broken an arm or a leg[knock on wood]

56] way back in the second & third grade i had eye surgery twice.

57] i have three holes in each of my ears. i used to have my belly button pierced [i guess technically it still is open] & my nose pierced. i loved it & would love to do it again.

58] i don't like ice cream! am i crazy maybe. i might have it once or twice a year ... & it always makes me really thirsty. 

59] the only way i know how to tie my shoes is by doing "bunny ears" it's how i did it when i was little, it works, i never felt the need to learn any other way. go ahead & laugh at me. my husband does.

60] i've been to vegas. i was like 12 or 13 & it was fun as a child. as an adult, i don't really have a desire to go back. it's expensive, you lose all your money, again, different places i would rather go. now don't get me wrong, if somebody handed me a trip i would take it i just don't think i would ever plan it myself.

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