Thursday, December 1, 2011

some exciting stuff!!

first order of business::

hello lovely new followers & readers :)
it's nice to have you here!

i want to make sure you're all aware of the great giveaways we have going on.
in order of when they will be ending:

if you have little ones, this is great. who doesn't love new bath stuff

seriously with christmas right around the corner this is perfect. who wouldn't love a couple books, videos or movies

SO cute! a coloring book with their name on every page. colton LOVES his.

seriously guys, this is some great stuff if you haven't entered them yet, you probably should go do it!

& stay tuned i have a few more giveaways scheduled.

they are all rafflecopter giveaways which are so easy to enter. once you do the mandatory entry, all the extras open up. & don't forget by tweeting daily & sharing on facebook daily you get 2 entries per day!


i would love to hang around & make an actual post but i am currently eating a hershey's sundae pie while catching up on american horror story & to be honest that sounds so much better than sitting in front of the computer & i am just sl sleepy. you know how it goes right?! but in the next couple days you will hear about 

the most irritating day this year
sesame street bust
our twist on "elf on a shelf"
world war III currently going on in this household
& of course a few funnies from the baby loves 

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Faith said...

THANKS so much!!! I'm so happy I won :)