Friday, December 16, 2011



sunday night was jungle ball 2011 [remember i won tickets]. all day my mind was excited but my body was just not feeling the same way. i had been fighting off what seemed to be a little annoying cold thing for a few days. i just could not find the energy. eventually i rolled off the couch, managed to get ready & headed to pick up my sissy. i knew once we got there i would be feeling better. the environment, the energy, the excitement & i was right. it was an awesome show, we danced the night away & had so much fun[pics to come later]

monday morning i woke up feeling less than fabulous i was [still] congested & had a horrible sore throat & barely a voice. i had figured this was from all the screaming like a little teenage girl when david guetta & pitbull were on stage.

the day went on, i had a decent day with the kids, a fun night with my husband. it was just a great day. about 2am we went to bed. i was up at 7 ....

... & it was like death was knocking. in a matter of 5 hours i managed to get SOO sick. everything hurt. my face, my throat, my body, my chest & i had an awful cough. i took some cold meds & hoped for the best. it cleared up my face but didn't really touch the cough. when it wore off i realized i didn't have any daytime meds left. i asked jer if he could leave for a few minutes & bring me some medicine. [did i mention he was working a 13 hour day & i was all alone with the kids feeling like this] his bosses said no. so finally at 9pm he came home with new meds & cough drops. 

wednesday i woke up with the same cough. it wasn't as constant but when i would start coughing i couldn't stop for a good 10 minutes & it felt like someone was stabbing a knife through my lungs, all the way through to my back. yes, even my back hurt.

seriously, christmas is a week & a half away & this is happening?! lucky for me jer was early shift that day & came home with potato soup in tow [ best husband ever] he took care of the kids & we relaxed all night. i say i am going to wait through the weekend & if it wasn't better i was going to go see a doc, no way i wanted that crap on christmas.

then we come to yesterday. jeremiah was off & handled most of the baby duties. the cough was still around, i was still in pain & my face was ridiculous. i went through a whole box of tissues by myself, in a matter of hours, jer had gone & got our morning coffee so i figured i would head to walmart for more tissues[i bought 5, i have 4 left] & some new cold meds since the one i had wasn't really touching any of my symptoms. later in the afternoon, i think maybe it will be good for me to get out of the house, get some fresh air & i still hadn't even started christmas shopping so i thought, hey why not. maybe it will make me feel better so i ventured out alone, got some great stuff[can't wait until christmas morning] we got the kids in bed & around 9pm i started feeling awful. the coughs were awful, the pain almost had me in tears. my chest was rattling & i made jer listen to confirm i was wheezing.

i couldn't take it anymore, i broke down. asked my mom what she thought & let my hubs know i was off to the ER. i am known for bronchitis, it seems like every time i get a cold it happens, so i am thinking that, or an upper respiratory infection, i should be in & out. little did i know. i get to the ER at 10 pm. my blood pressure was really high, at one time it was 159/99 [normal is 120/80] so they had me hooked up to that the whole time. they were monitoring my O2 saturation levels. i had to pee in a cup. the did an EKG to make sure my chest pain wasn't from my heart. they did a chest XRAY. drew tons of blood. started a central line, gave me breathing treatments, shot me up with steroids[which i imagine that's how you would feel if you took speed] & gave me antibiotics. my blood pressure finally dropped[132/79] & the nurse came in with my discharge papers.... & told me i have PNEUMONIA. what?! not what i was expecting at all. 

she told me to have NO contact with my kids until saturday morning[yes, i am contagious] & sent me home with a mile long list of meds[which cost me a million dollars, what do people do that can't afford them?!] 
i have 
a zpack[antibiotics]

 an inhaler for when i have coughing fits to help open the airways

steroids to help the inflammation around the lungs go down
[i need to take THREE of these at a time, remember that whole speed feeling i talked about?]

a pain killer for the stabbing knife through my chest 

& finally a prescription cough medicine

oy vay. that's a lot of medicine everyday for the next week BUT at least i will be finished with it all before xmas. they said it's a good thing i went when i did, had i waited through the weekend like planned i probably would have had to been hospitalized. 

so today jeremiah stayed home from work to take care of the kids & keep them away from me. they went out to breakfast[stopped home to drop off some bob evans biscuits & gravy for me] then told me he was taking them to the park & then probably the mall[hmm christmas shopping perhaps?! haha-- better not be, i hope you read this mister] so i am here in the quiet house & not ... sleeping?! it was 5-530am before i was asleep & i was up at 7, i know i am tired. i was hoping the drowsy effects of the other meds would out way the effects of the steroids that say "side effects that may occur: difficulty sleeping, dizziness, flushing, nervousness, increased sweating" oh did i mention the inhaler has the same effects?! double the nervousness, double the fun?! not so much.

it's been a little while since i have taken them & i am about due for more cough meds, i am kinda hoping they knock me out. i need the rest & i need to get it now while jer is around cause he works all weekend so i wont be getting it then.

so i am happy to be home & on the road to recovery. please hope i can get through the next 24 hours without a meltdown about not being able to touch my kids[its harder than you think] & please please please pray that the kids don't get it!!!!! that is my number one concern. i have lysol ed EVERYTHING in this house in an attempt to hopefully kill all the germs. 


Sarah said...

Oh man. How horrible. Sorry I haven't been around, but I LOVE the look of your blog now. :)

Amanda Marie said...

I keep hearing pneumonia is going around hard core this year and very early in the season, for that matter!! Gavin's ped said he was already the 3rd case she'd seen this winter.

Hope you feel better. That stuff is NO fun!

Sarah Schultz said...

Yuck! Take care, get better, lots of'll be good for Christmas!

Rj and Jessie said...

Feel better!