Friday, December 2, 2011

our twist on "elf on a shelf"

i am convinced that santa must have sent all his elves to others childrens houses before he got a chance to send one to ours.

what that really means?! this mama looked everywhere for an elf & couldn't find one for the life of me. i even recruited my mom on my mission to find an elf. no such luck.

so we got creative. this is something i was really excited to do[though i probably shouldn't have waited so long to buy our elf, maybe then we would have an elf, oh well.] i decided to wait until december 1st because while i am all about starting the celebration early, we do actually wait until december to start the christmas traditions.

so i am at the store with not one elf on the shelf i had a thought. we will take a classic tradition & put our own twist on it.

so we're going about our business & all of a sudden there is a knock on the door. colton opens it & they find a box

addressed to the boys from the north pole?! oh man, how special! i can tell you this, my kids most excited! so we opened up the box & the kids dug through layer & layer of tissue paper & then they found this

santa's little helper

hey, as parents we learn to improvise right?! besides i think it is really cute. the kids love the little guy. we are still using the basic "you should behave because he reports back to santa everyday" story but we have made a classic tradition into our own & personally i love that. it's different, it's ours & it's something that will always be ours!

the next order of business?! st. nicholas day. it case you're wondering it's december 6th. i found a really cute print out on line. the kids make their christmas list & put it in their shoe outside their bedroom door before they go to bed. santa comes & picks it up so he knows what they want & leaves a present for them to open in the morning. 

nothing big[ some families even leave candy] just something small[ a monster truck, hot wheels, coloring book, crayons, playdoh, you get the idea?!] to show santa has been there! 

if you decide to take part come back & let me know. i would love to know. 

anyways HAPPY FRIDAY! i hope you all have a fabulous weekend! we are counting down sunday! i'll be around tomorrow for an actual post about some real things :)


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i looked at the time stamp on this post, and you posted it about the same time i was talking to my dad on the phone. he had asked me if i had heard of 'elf on the shelf' and i told him about our version of 'gnome in your home.' :)

i love your idea! so cute!

Christine said...

Good improv! I am loving the elf on the shelf idea too! Since my guy's only two I figure next year will be the year, so I'm going to go on a major {hopefully discounted) elf hunt after Christmas.

Jess said...

Somehow, I've NEVER heard of this "elf on a shelf". It's a really good idea, though! I think I will do it next year, when Elliot is old enough to understand! What other Christmas traditions do you have?

Sean Marie said...

Never heard of this either. May have to start it up next year. :)

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

I love your twist and your "santas little helper" is so much cute than the elf!