Saturday, December 3, 2011

lady luck strikes again!

well i am so excited i could burst!!! there is this concert jingle ball next weekend hosted by my favorite radio station. i have been the first two years. year one i won tickets. year two i bought them & year three .... I WON!

i have been checking this website for like three weeks & am disappointed everyday when it's not me BUT today it was!

can you even believe it?! because i cant! this is my THIRD set of concert tickets from the radio this year & like my 5th win ... this year!

i am so excited! so i am taking my sister because it's our tradition ... oh & this will be something like the 9th, 10th or 11th time seeing pitbull ... i lost count awhile ago. i am also pretty excited about seeing the script. 

so i will have some nice sister time & jeremiah will be able to have some nice daddy/baby time with the boys!


UPDATE: if you follow me on twitter you might have already seen this:

okay, you all know what a saints fan i am right?! 

are you even kidding me?!?! i don't even think you can make this stuff up! today is my lucky day! i am buying a lotto ticket tonight or maybe FIVE at the rate i am going

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