Thursday, December 1, 2011


ever since braedon was a tiny baby he has always had such a sensitive butt. if he is in a diaper for 10 minutes his butt starts to get red. we've used every diaper cream in the isle at the store, we have even used the prescription stuff so when given the opportunity to review boudreaux's butt paste i was thrilled. 

the box arrived at our door & when we opened it we saw this

 2oz all natural boudreaux's butt paste
2oz new! maximum strength boudreaux's butt paste
2oz original boudreaux's butt paste
boudreaux's baby kisses
 2oz boudreaux's rash protector
13oz new! boudreaux's butt bath
& a sample pack with a coupon included
who doesn't love coupons?!

"bourdeaux's butt paste was specifically formulated by a pharmacist with direction from a respected pediatrician to provide effective diaper rash care. it spreads on easily, cleans of quickly & has a pleasant scent"

i have been using it non-stop since it has arrived. braedon hasn't had a real bad rash. at the slightest sign of pink or red i layer it on & it's obviously helping, because he hasn't broke out in a rash since we've been using it.

i threw one in the original in the diaper bag & have been using the natural at home. the maximum strength is on hold in case he gets a bad one. want to know why?! it contains 40% zinc oxide. i know this is going to be good because i know zinc oxide is in the prescriptions a doctor would give you, so we're hanging on to that bad boy for awhile.

the rash protector. amazing. it "helps seal out wetness" & it's so easy to apply. i throw it on him every time we leave the house. that way if we're in a situation & i can't change him immediately[driving, traffic] i know there is a barrier there & he isn't getting irritated. 

seriously, this box couldn't have arrived at a better time. it had been cold for a couple days & the change in temperature plus the dryness from turning on the heat made everyone's lips hurt around here. i slapped it on the kids lips & put it on mine too. pain/chap ... be gone! seriously you guys, it's like silk on your lips. colton likes it A LOT because it doesn't really give you that tingling sensation of you put it on. I am going to order a few of these so we always have one around ... & i want to throw on in my purse. you can also use it on babies for their cheeks  it's "a non irriating, effective way to quickly restore moisture to chapped lips & cheeks" but it is made special for babies & children so it isn't full of a bunch of extra stuff. 

the bubble bath was a big hit. colton was pretty excited because he got to use this one too. "boudreaux's butt bath moisturizing body was & shampoo is a gentle, non-irritaing formula for infants & children that restores moisture to delicate skin & helps prevent the drying effects of cleansing." if i know one thing about diaper rash it's that whenever braedon would get one he would HATE the idea of a bath. this actually soothes irritated skin, is ph balanced, it's non-irritating & as an extra bonus, it's tear free because nobody likes those tears. & it smells great. is there anything better than pulling your baby or toddler out of the bath & getting a giant whiff of that clean smell?! i don't think so!

this is certainly the new go to product in our house. if you haven't yet, try it! i don't think you will be disappointed! 

along with my review boudreaux's butt paste is kind enough to offer one of my readers the following
1 boudreaux's butt paste
1 all natural boudreaux's butt paste
1 ALL NEW maximum strength boudreaux's butt paste
1 boudreaux's baby kisses lip balm
1 boudreaux's rash protector
1 boudreaux's body wash & shampoo
yep, you read that correctly. everything you see pictured could be yours.
don't a baby or one on the way? no worries,  enter anyways, this would make a great shower gift for a mom to be.

i will email the winner & they will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen

good luck!!
[disclaimer: i was provided the above mentioned products for free from the company to use & review on my blog. the opinions in this post are 100% my thoughts & feelings about the product.]

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