Tuesday, December 27, 2011

chirp chirp chirp ....

i want to apologize for the silence! it's been quite some time since i've been around these parts. it's just been crazy around. i was so so sick & even being so sick taking care of a million things that needed to be done for the holidays. after i got sick... the husband & the kids all got sick [not the pneumonia, just colds, so thankful] so there were a pretty rough few days in there plus shopping & wrapping & shopping ... & shopping! 

as you can imagine being gone for some time i have SO much i want to share!!!! plus we just had christmas so i have tons of pictures & such to share from the holiday! 

i also have a couple reviews & giveaways to come as well. so stick around, i promise things will be back to normal soon! 

as for me right now?! i am off to try to finish making my house look NOT like toys r us exploded in here!!

hope you all had a happy & safe holiday! now ... lets bring on 2012!

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Sarah Schultz said...

Never apologize for not blogging! :) Means you have a life like the rest of us! Hope you had a wonderful time and are feeling much better!