Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wordless[ish] wednesday: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

so we actually put our christmas stuff up last week. tuesday to be exact. i finally broke my husband & won the war. okay so maybe it had something to do with the boys sweet faces smiling at him or maybe he really did just get sick of hearing me ask over & over & over again.

it was tons of fun. sometimes sitting home can be just as great as heading out. we turned up the christmas music. got everything out. decorated the tree. hung some lights & just enjoyed each other.

i am a bit disappointed there is a box that seems to be missing somewhere. last year we made stockings with our names on them & this year i can't find them anywhere. looks like we'll have to have even more fun doing them again this year :) 

i thought this week i would share a few of my favorite parts of our christmas tree

 [i am here with a friendly piece of advice. NEVER buy your tree before christmas. we have had a white tree] since we've been together but decided to go more traditional for the kids. we scooped up this tree after christmas for $9.00 & some change. oh, did i mention it was pre-lit & originally a $60.00 tree. awesome!
 [our little family. 2009 the year we got to add braedon. years before we had[still have] a fireplace]
with stockings with jeremiah, colton & i from before braedon.
[do i really need to explain?! who dat!!!!]
 [another football ornament. thid one is a bucs ornament, but SO cute]
 [this is my favorite ornament ever! my daddy made it for me when i was younger & i have had it forever]
& it will be every year.
 [i didn't take pictures of them all i swear everyone we know bought them each 6 different baby's]
1st christmas ornaments
 [this is one of the kids favorites]
[if you didn't know this about me i LOVE hippos & collect them. i have a bunch of hippos]
on my tree


Rj and Jessie said...

This is cute!

Sean Marie said...

Lovely decorations! It's time to get festive. Makes me excited for the holidays. :)