Friday, November 25, 2011

turkey day recap 2011

we had a fantastic thanksgiving. our morning started out at home, being lazy. we watched the muppets christmas carol & the end of the macy's day parade while making & eating blueberry muffins.

then it was time to get ready, pack up & head over to my mom's for some family, football & food.

what a great time. my aunt,uncle & cousins joined us. it was so nice & so cute to watch the cousins just run around & play with each other all day. i love that they are down here. we watched football, ate TONS of food, drank a bottle ... or three of wine & had way too many laughs. it was just a great day, the kind of day thanksgiving is supposed to be.

the kids passed out on their daddy around 7:30-8:00[guess even the kids get sleepy after thanksgiving dinner] the ladies hung outside & the big boys watched football inside.

when we got home we tucked the kids away in their beds, each had a piece of double layer pumpkin cheesecake[ yes, i made it & it was delicious, i am so proud of myself] watched the end of the san fran/baltimore game & drifted to sleep.

sadly my husband doesn't have a long weekend, he was up bright & early & out of the house by 8am. at least he has 5pm days today & tomorrow than sunday off. he might not have a long weekend but it could be worse.

as for us, we plan on staying in our pajamas & hang around the house all day. i don't do the black friday thing so no shopping for me & with all those leftovers, i don't plan on doing any cooking either.

 [they are 4yr,3yr,2yr,1yr. not sitting in that order though. colton is the oldest]
 [cousins ♥]
 [braedon likes being the "big boy"]

 [this is post dinner. post pictures. i threw the hair up & put the t-shirt on]
 [my sissy]

 [sweet baby feet]

 [worn out babies. past out by 8pm]

[i took pictures of the food too but i don't think that is nearly as nice to look at as my sweet boys]

hope you all had a great turkey day 

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