Friday, November 11, 2011

translation please ...

for about a month braedon has been saying one phrase that for the life of us neither jeremiah or i could figure out.


what?! seriously, we hear it everyday. mostly at diaper change time but other times throughout the day too! everyday i hear it i ask him 32 different things i think it is, every time i am wrong.

how frustrating it must be for him to say the same thing over & over & over & nobody know what you are trying to say!

this morning, everything was clear. colton & braedon have such a strong bond. it is the cutest thing to watch them just sit & talk to each other & to my surprise colton understands everything braedon says to him. 

while changing braedon's diaper this morning colton was standing next to us & when braedon declared "boppeeeess" colton said "stop" & at that moment everything made sense.

he was saying 
"stop please"

leave it to colton. from now on he is going to be my go to guy. children have their own language & clearly the two of them get it. i am just an old mommy, what do i know?!

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