Wednesday, November 23, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things; volume 3

it's that time again 
as i sit here writing this post later than usual i figured this week we would do 
my morning essentials

french vanilla cappuccino
[this isn't really needed for me, caffeine really has no effect on me, i just really love coffee]
i have had it from a container at a store but most of the time i make an early morning trip to the circle k
for some reason it just tastes so much better from the gas station

mt.dew code red
[once i am done with coffee i make the switch to soda. i am typically a pepsi drinker but lately this has]
 been my addiction & it's my post coffee must have

[not a bacon, eggs[i dont eat those remember] toast kinda breakfast. more of a smores pop tarts]
bowl of cereal. oatmeal[apples & cinnamon please] or bagels kinda breakfast

nick jr
[okay technically I don't need this but my kids do. make em breakfast & they watch cartoons while]
they eat. this lets me read/write some blogs. shower. clean up. laundry. pay bills.
you know those things that are usually difficult with two small children
the internet
[hello news, facebook, twitter, email, the blogging world. i might be lost for the day if i had to]
be without my social networking. sad. maybe. addicted. yes

so tell me, what is that you need to start the day. 

link up & share your morning must haves

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