Wednesday, November 9, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things; volume 1

i think it's always interesting to see what tv shows & movies others watch. i think what you watch in a way describes your personality & who you are. i am always up for suggestions & looking for new shows to watch. so i thought i would take a couple minutes to share with you what we watch.

[showtime sundays @ 9pm]

dexter morgan. blood splatter analyst for the miami pd by day. serial killer by night. not just any serial killer, he seeks out those who have killed/hurt others. he & his "dark passenger" making the world a better place. each & every week by 10pm i am always waiting for next sunday to roll around

[showtime sundays @ 10pm]

this is a brand new series that just started this year. american soldier held captive as prisoner for 8 years ... returned home as a hero ... or terrorist?! tune in to find out. each week this show is getting better & better & constantly keeps me wanting more

[starz on fridays]

this show is also brand new. just started last month. kelsey grammer at the mayor of the great city of chicago who has been diagnosed with a debilitating neurological disease. of course when you talk politics, you talk corruption. so far so good, we keep tuning in each week.

grey's anatomy
[thursdays on abc @ 9pm]

the drama at seattle grace/mercy west. need i say more?! 

private practice
[thursdays on abc @ 10pm]

a doctor from grey's moves to california & the show is born. full of medical stories, love, drama, addicts, friendship & tears it never seems to disappoint.


funny. just plain funny. the cliff hangers?! mind blowing. need i say more?!

we are also known to watch a little bit of reality tv

project runway
[thursdays on lifetime]

okay so this might be one i am solo on, though my husband might kill me that i let you know he has been known to sit down & watch a single episode ... or 5 hours of a late night marathon with me. i am in no way a girl with a heart for fashion but i am in love with this show, it is amazing to watch the talent these people have to turn nothing into something ... beautiful.

[tuesdays on oxygen]

follow the bruce family, living through life just like you & me. they had it all & then the economy took a turn & they lost everything. a family going through the everyday struggles of family & finances just like everyone else in america. even through all they bad they still come out together, as a strong family

teen mom
[tuesdays on mtv]

& i am also a sucker for a couple daytime talk shows

[check your local listings]

i have been a fan of anderson cooper for a long time & was over the moon when i found out he was going to have a talk show. no jerry springer shenanigans or baby daddy/mama drama. real life stories & topics. i love it

[check your local listings]

there is no explanation. i have been watching it for years.

what are some of your favorites?! want to join in on the fun?! 
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