Friday, November 25, 2011

thankful thursday volume 3 [on a friday]

thanksgiving edition

so i know i am a day late on this & with yesterday being thanksgiving i should have post but honestly, i was too busy enjoying thanksgiving. 

i know i have already hit on a couple of these but being thanksgiving i thought i would go through them all.

my kids, oh i am so thankful for my kids, they are happy & healthy & they make me be the best person i can be. 

my husband, who happens to be an incredible father to my kids. he works so hard so i can stay with my children everyday & watch them learn & grow. to teach them everything they know. he works so hard to take care of us. 

my family, who has always been by my side. through good & bad. my parents are my best friends. my sister i love more than words. i would do for her like i would do for my own children. not to mention all the rest of the family. i am a lucky girl to have grown up with such a happy, loving family. the wonderful family that i married into. 

my friends, over the years having a husband & two kids have made some of my friends disappear. i was a housewife taking care of a baby while they were partying in college BUT there a few that have stuck around & i am so thankful for them. some near, some far. i am also thankful for the new friends we've made who don't mind coming over & hanging out here, because we have kids.

a house, while we are going to be moving soon because this house doesn't have the yard we want, there are a hundred things we don't like, etc, i am so happy to have somewhere to call home. a kitchen to cook for my kids, warm beds for them to sleep in.

thanksgiving dinner, i am thankful i had a place to go & a family to eat an amazing dinner with.

my aunt, uncle & cousins. we have new family here in florida with us & i couldn't be happier about that. my kids have cousins to play with now & watching them chase each other around all day yesterday was adorable.

i am also thankful to those who serve our country, my family who have & continue to serve[my aunt, uncle & grandfather included] & my friends who also put their life in danger everyday so i can have my freedoms here. 

& then of course i can go on to the obvious, electricity, running water, etc & then there are things like the internet, dvr, smart phones & laptops, a hair straightener. you get the idea...

i am a very thankful girl & i feel so lucky on a daily basis. i know & appreciate the above everyday & i don't take any of it for granted but it's nice to spill it all out at one time.

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