Sunday, November 27, 2011

sunday confessional; 5th edition

phew, this is getting harder & harder every week
i am a little late this week, with the holiday i didn't have it scheduled & well, i was busy watching football & playing with babies today :) so here we go...

41] i have kept a diary for as long as i can remember. even now if i am feeling overwhelmed with emotion i have a journal i jot things down in. 

42] i used to figure skate when i was younger & i was actually really good. then in a spin/jump i fell & landed flat on my knee & hurt it. went to physical therapy & all but once i was better i just wasn't as flexible & quit

43] i also used to do cheerleading when i was younger. 5th-8th grade.

44] by the time i got to high school i was over sports & switched gears ... yearbook & french club. yes, i was that cool

45] i have only ever worked in food. 2 years at an assisted living center as a server & then as a waitress at a restaurant for 3 before i had to quit[because i was so sick while i was pregnant]

46] growing up i always wanted to be a lawyer or a police officer[mainly a homicide detective] once i found i was pregnant i gave up that dream. i am so thankful to those who risk their lives everyday but to be totally honest, i enjoy tucking my kids in every night. i am too scared to do it now

47] i have NEVER seen an episode of fraggle rock. i don't even know what the guys look like

48] i am freakishly full of legal information. i know so many random facts about the law [i stole forgot to return my law textbook from my senior year & would sit & read it in my spare time, after i graduated]

49] we were involved in a civil lawsuit ... not really too much fun ... BUT we won!

50] i have no desire to ever visit hawaii. i am sure it's beautiful i am just not one of those people dying to go. there are so many other places i would rather visit.

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Rj and Jessie said...

LOL. I have been a server at a Assisted Living for 4 years now.