Sunday, November 20, 2011

sunday confessional; 4th edition

wow, i can't believe this is already week four! time flies when you're having fun huh?!

31] i make pb&j like it's an art. seriously... my peanut butter has to be spread perfect on the bread. why it matters?! i don't know, it gets gobbled up by toddlers anyways.

32] if you didn't know, i am from the suburbs of chicago ...& haven't been back in 7+ years

33] on my bucket list: to visit every state ... at least 48 of them. i really have no desire to travel to hawaii or alaska.

34] i LOVE camping. i would much rather spend a week in the wilderness in a tent than in some fancy hotel in some fancy city. easy living!

35] when my kids go to bed & i am sitting on the computer in the quiet ... i listen to classical music.

36] but i love rap music. it has my heart forever. i sing every ja rule lyric without hesitation.

37] i once moloested met pitbull backstage at a concert. i was so excited i couldn't really contain myself. i pounced on him & may have hugged him for an extended period of time. the security guards may or may not have been keeping a close eye on me. ... then he signed my tank top. i have seen him 9 or 10 times live, i lost count.

38] this might be a shocker if you don't know already ... i am puerto rican! yes, it's true. i am actually really sad that i look like a little white girl. why i wasn't blessed with the dark skin, who knows :(

39] i would say as a rough number i have seen 50+ artists in concert. before i was married & had kids it's all i did.

40] my best friend was supposed to take me to my senior prom after i moved to florida. he couldn't make it down so he sent me two concert tickets instead. i skipped senior prom to go see twista at the house of blues in orlando.

well folks that wraps up this week. 

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love camping too! i wish we could go camping every weekend. :)