Sunday, November 13, 2011

sunday confessional; 3rd edition

here we go again! make sure you join in on the fun & don't forget to give some credit to deanna. without delay...

21] i believed in santa until past the age of 10. don't judge. i was an only child for a long time & my parents did a really good job. once my sister came i was 10 they were able to keep the gig going because then santa was bringing presents for my baby sister too. my sister was born early on christmas eve & my parents still managed to pull that christmas off without flaw. when my neighbor finally spilled the beans ...  i was in middle school.

22] my husband & i worked together way back when. he was my boss ... & i couldn't stand him. funny how things work huh?! you can read a little bit about our story here.

23] this one may be a shocker: kids were never a plan in my life. colton was an awesome surprise, the best thing that has ever happened to me. within minutes of holding him & my heart filling with all that overwhelming love, i knew there would be another one. now i can't even remember thinking of a life without kids. they are my whole world & i would never change any of this crazy life.

24] i really am not the biggest fan of braedon's middle name. don't get me wrong i think braedon trey flows really good, but the name trey, not my favorite. jeremiah wanted it to be his first name, we agreed on braedon, then we fought about the way to spell it. i got to spell it the way i wanted if i said okay to the name trey as his middle.

25] i have had the same best friend since 6th grade. we've had our ups & downs, we both live in different states from where we are originally from[not in the same one], we both have kids but our friendship is still going strong.

26] i am a rollercoaster junkie. on my bucket list?! to visit all the six flags in the country, plus cedar point.

27] i hate the car!!! i hate driving. i hate riding. if a bike would work for my lifestyle i would never use a car again but that's not practical with two young children. it gives me anxiety, almost panic attack level of stress. they are so dangerous, so many people die every year in car accidents, most of them not their own fault & that terrifies me. driving down the road i get a hundred different thoughts in my head of what could go wrong. i  know it sounds totally crazy but it is what it is.

28] i live in florida, i love the beach. i hate the water. i go in the ocean, usually not past my knees. there are very scary creatures in the water [i've been stung by a jelly fish, ouch, not fun] again, as i stand in the ocean & see all the different things that could go wrong. ...[maybe i should see a doctor about these things huh? haha]

29] i have never seen an episode of dancing with the stars or america's got talent. not my cup of tea.

30] i gave up a pair of club level seats to the bucs game today to stay home & watch NFL redzone instead. we've already been to two games & i would rather watch 10 games at once on redzone than watch houston kick the bucs butt

well, it's been fun again! see you again next week!

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deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i've never seen dancing with the stars either. and i believed in santa for a long time too. my grandaddy was actually the one who spoiled it for me. :-/