Sunday, November 6, 2011

sunday confessional; 2nd edition

it's that time again!

11] i am addicted to fruit roll ups. i always have some in the house & we do actually hide them from the kids. they get their own treats.

12] when i was 17 my parents bought me a brand new car. i loved my little car & planned on driving it until it died. one day in april it decided to light itself on fire. i was so sad. 

13] i played the flute when i was young, it didn't last long. my band teacher sucked ... & i quit

14] i was in french club in high school. so geeky i know. i was supposed to have gone to france the summer after my senior year BUT my parents moved me to florida the summer before my senior year. once i got here i couldn't take french because their french 4 was the equivalent to the french 3 i had taken up north. heart breaking. i love the language.

15] we are obsessed with jeopardy in this house. we DVR it every night & watch it while we eat dinner. we also bought the game for the wii & played it so much in the first week we can't play anymore, the clues all repeat themselves now

16] pepsi, code red & dr.pepper. the only soda you will find me drinking.

17] my parents forced me to move to florida, i never would have picked it myself. i don't want to live here forever. my husband could probably spend the rest of his life here & be happy. this poses a small problem between us.

18] my biggest fear is being outside alone in the dark. i HATE it. if i go outside in the dark alone i will make a phone call to somebody. it feels safer. if i have to go to the store in the dark alone i will call someone while i walk through the parking lot. it doesn't matter if it's 7pm, 12am or 3am. with the time change coming up & the sun being gone by 6pm... yeah, not too exciting for me.

19] i enjoy sports. i LOVE football watch it for endless hours on sunday, i also enjoy baseball ... & basketball but CANNOT watch it on tv. it's not the game i like the game it is the squeaking of the shoes ..

20] i told you i would share another of my ocd problems with you this week: when i am going somewhere that requires tickets ... i will count them 100 times on the way there to make sure i have them all. i will do it every minute until we get to our location. going to a football game once we were walking down the sidewalk to the stadium & i am doing my thing. jeremiah says "did you really just count one, two. one, two. 20 times" actually i did, you should be happy when we show up & actually have both tickets :)

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