Monday, November 14, 2011


i am a late night deep sleeper. last night i went from deep sleep to being woken up by colton crying & crawling in my bed. [i didn't even hear him make a peep before he got in our bed. glad jer did]

apparently "the wind was laughing, saying hahaha" this is what he told us. clearly he was having a dream, one he wasn't too fond of, so daddy let him come curl up in bed with us to sleep. okay no big deal. jeremiah & i are hugging the edges while colton is sprawled all over the bed. the things we do for our kids :)

i was awakened again when jeremiah was getting back in bed[bathroom maybe] i was confused so i asked him if he had took colton back to his room, i realized he wasn't next to me anymore. he said no, he was down by our feet.

the little guy had moved around so much he worked his way down to the foot of the bed. instead of risking it & waking him up, we each stayed hugging the edges of bed & just let him be. which was okay except for the situation with the blankets, i am not sure how he was laying but i could not move the blanket so i was limited to one little space. with the blanket i was squished. without the blanket i was freezing. it was a no win situation. so for the remaining hours .... my sleep was less than fabulous. he did however let us sleep until 9 so that was nice.

it's always nice to get some extra snuggles with my babies but here is to a night of no bad dreams & a bed to ourselves :)

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