Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sleepless in florida

well, we had a little monster crawl in bed us ... again last night. what does that mean you might as?! another night of horrible sleep. he is such a little guy but he sure does take up a lot of space ... & a lot of blankets!

i made a 7am trip to the gas station this morning for a large cup of coffee[it may not jolt me awake, but it taste good] & a code red. maybe i should have grabbed a 5 hour energy or maybe five of them. after finally hitting the hay after 1am, waking up a million & a half times & finally being up at 7 this morning.

 i am a little on the zombie side today. i guess you could say i am a mombie! at least colton seems to be in a good mood.

next time that little monster crawls in my bed ... i am crawling to the couch!!!

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