Sunday, November 13, 2011


well folks, my plans for this evening have been shattered & i can't lie i am pretty upset.

my intentions were to head to bed & watch dexter & homeland BUT my husband has decided to pass out on the couch. i can't watch without him or i'll have to watch them again when he does, lame. so instead i sit here writing this almost pointless post.

my day didn't really go exactly as planned. jer went into work & was pretty much in & out, happy about that. i since it was football day i decided it was okay to let my kids take out just about every toy in the house, which was okay, until i had to clean it.

we planned on chili for dinner but after cleaning up & struggling to get my children to sleep tonight i ended up making a 9pm run to taco bell. who wants to cook dinner at 9pm anyways. we'll have it tomorrow i guess.

as for football... the saints won! who dat!! they own first place. played a great game & nearly gave me a heart attack or five by going to OT but they came out on top. my fantasy team is currently up by 60+ points & i still have a quarterback playing tomorrow... not it's not rodgers, haha! as for the football pool, well i wont even say anything about that. i have been out of it for a looooong time :( sad.

so that's how my sunday turned out. i guess i should go get my husband off the couch & into the bed. since he has been sleeping for an hour plus, does that mean he gets to wake up with the kids in the morning?! makes sense to me!

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