Saturday, November 26, 2011

review:: invisible glass cleaner

okay i don't know about you but as a mom i am forever cleaning the house. to be exact. you know what else i am also constantly cleaning. the glass in this house. kids leave their finger prints everywhere. 

the mirrors, the sliding glass doors, the windows, the computer screen, the tv's. there are little paw prints everywhere so when given the opportunity to review invisible glass cleaner i was stoked. 

i opened the box & this is what i found:

 seriously, this is the greatest thing ever! how many times have you washed your car & went to clean the wash one side but can only get so far, then you move & repeat on the other side, but unless you climb up on the car there is always that middle piece you just couldn't reach. problem solved.
 glass cleaner galore. the aerosol can worked perfect on the car.
 standard glass cleaner. mirrors, windows, etc.
 wipes?! seriously, how easy is to just pull one out & wipe off the tv or computer screen?!
 [towel. i don't know how you usually clean your glass but i use paper towels here. by the time i am finished cleaning everything almost the whole roll is gone. paper towels i use no more.
 it hasn't rained here yet, so i can't tell you how this worked but i will tell you i am so excited to try. if you don't know, we get sun showers here. random downpours for 5-30 minutes, in the shining sun! i am so excited to see how this works out.
 one stop clean, polish & restore. i went ahead & handed this over to the husband. i figure anything car related is better for the man. i guess it was pretty simple. you use one wipe & your done. tell me, when is the last time you cleaned your headlights?!
yes.yes.yes. it's the same amazing squeezed into one little package. i am the kind of girl that breathes on her glasses & uses my shirt to rub it "clean" haha! i stuck a few of these in the car & stuck a few in my purse.

seriously guys, i have to be honest i haven't found a glass cleaner i am in love with, i usually just grab the cheap one off the self & roll with it. sometimes it is streak free, sometimes it isn't. 

but this?! i sprayed it on & within seconds of it starting to dry it was like i had a brand new mirror. i was blown away! oh hey kids, you wanna put your paw prints everywhere?! that's okay because mama fell in love with her new glass cleaner.

head over to invisible glass for free samples, coupons, learn more about the company as well as order online or learn what stores you can visit to pick up.

grab it next time you're in the store & give it a try. i doubt you will be disappointed!

[disclaimer: i was provided the above mentioned items for free to review on my blog. the thoughts & opinions in this post are honest & 100% my own]

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