Wednesday, November 23, 2011

review:: babbabox

guys! i discovered the greatest.thing.ever. the babbabox! have you heard of it?! if not let me tell you a little bit about it.

it is a box, that is delivered to your door once a month[ & what kid doesn't love to get mail, especially a big box]
it's targeted for children 3-6 years old & is made up of 4 components:
 create[3-4 projects to do with their hands]. 
explore[activities to engage with the world & nature]. 
story tell[books & stories for their imaginations] &
 digital[interactively learn with babbaco. approved downloads] .

i knew from the website it was probably going to be pretty cool but had no idea just how cool.

colton was so excited to open it he could barely sit still for a picture
& then we saw this....
 [this month's theme is gratitude[i imagine because thanksgiving]]
okay now the excitement is starting to kick in for both of us.
we start taking everything out
[story tell]

colton is always asking me if we can do arts & crafts & i am always using my head to find ideas or we turn to the internet for some inspiration.

my thoughts on the babbabox. awesome.
included in our box was a story book, materials to make your own hot pad, thank you notes[with markers, stickers, cut outs PRE STAMPED envelopes] a coloring page, materials to make your own serving trey & the part colton is most excited about?! the camera, he is always taking pictures on our phones so now he has his very own camera, along with a gratitude journal, the kids couldn't be happier.

we spend about an hour the first day, he decided to make the thank you notes first.
& we saved the rest of the box for another day. we figured we would split it up instead of doing it all in one sitting[which believe me, is what he wanted to do]

seriously, for $30 a month to have one of these sent straight to your house is so worth it. not only are your kids excited because they're getting mail, you don't have to worry about running to the store for anything. the price pretty decent if you ask me. had i ran to walmart & got everything in the box i easily could have spent more than $30.

colton has a great time while he learned about gratitude & with a new theme every month, their minds will keep growing & growing[& that's never a bad thing]

in case you hadn't noticed

i am planning on ordering him a box each month, it is totally worth it in my opinion.

make sure you head over & check out the babbabox & other items
they have some really cute stuff!

[disclaimer: i was provided a babbabox for free to review on my blog. the opinions expressed in this post are mine alone]

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Rj and Jessie said...

That is so cool! I wish Brayden was old enough for that.