Sunday, November 13, 2011

random football day ramblings

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happy sunday football day! our day is a while lot less exciting than it could have been. it's true, i gave up club level seats to the game[which is apparently actually on tv, i'm shocked] so we could stay home & watch redzone instead. lets see. go to the game, spend a bunch of money & watch the bucs get their asses kicked by houston, or stay comfy in my pj pants & football shirt[of course] & watch ten games at one time. yes, today, the later sounds like the better. it's actually okay because jeremiah ended up heading into work for a bit. i am letting the kids run off all their energy so they're snoozing at kick off, haha!!

in other news, we think colton might have fifth disease which sounds a whole lot worse than it is. basically it's a virus, with a rash & goes away on it's own. it was crazy though, pretty much out of nowhere colton just had bright red cheeks yesterday. immediately i checked him for a fever. he was fine. wasn't really concerned, just thought it was odd. when jeremiah got home from work he was kinda freaked out by out, why they were so red with no explanation, so i did what we all do & turned to google. i typed in "kids with red cheeks" & basically the whole first page came up with fifth disease. we should know for sure in a couple days if it spreads to his trunk, back or arms & legs so we are just keeping an eye on him for now.

a highlight from the week?! i totally won


from deanna at delirious rhapsody. however i did not win the concert tickets & $1000 i was trying for from the radio station. you needed to be 97. i was 24 & 56. this just disproves to everyone who always says "omg, you win everything" that in fact i do not. ha!

our new photo printer came this week & i am super excited about it! i already have made a photo collage on the wall. my family should be happy, i see pictures galore in the near future now that i can do it on my own.  this could get expensive between the printer & ink. eeeppp, help the husbands wallet now!

other than that with the exception of our family day tuesday this week has been pretty uneventful! today i will do the normal sunday doings. picking up & catching up on  laundry while watching football [plus chili for dinner, yum] & finish off the day with some dexter & homeland.

hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

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