Friday, November 11, 2011

not so terrible at all, actually pretty perfect

yesterday was one of  "those days" you know the kind that make you want to put on your shoes & just run like forrest gump[i know you all get that feeling]. when it was said & done. my day sucked, it was terrible. my kids, neither of them wanted to listen to a word i had to say. it was a day full of crying & whining. tantrums. huge messes. skipped naps. picky eaters. the kind of day that might make you sit down on the couch after the kids are in bed & the house is clean & just cry from the built up stresses of the day.[or you may not]

 i just wanted to eat my dinner[at 10pm when jeremiah finally got home], curl in bed & watch my shows. i was over the awful day & ready to start a new one. that's exactly what i did & that's when i watched grey's anatomy.

it was a terrible day! we all have them. the kids are acting up. we complain about the mess. a day at work was too long, or too slow. an argument with a friend, with a spouse. a million different reasons we say we have had a bad day, but was it really a bad day?!

40 minutes after i hit play my entire attitude had changed. my terrible day wasn't terrible, not at all.

while my kids may have been acting like out of control monsters & may have had enough tears & tantrums for a life time. by the time the day was done i may have been ready to pull my hair out BUT my kids were home with me. safe. happy. healthy.

my husband may have came home late & may have brought cheap, fast food home for dinner BUT
i am lucky to have my husband walk through the door every single day after work. i am lucky to be able to be home & eat dinner with him, whether it be checkers or a filet.

the house may be a disaster & i may clean the same mess at 8pm day after day after day BUT
i am thankful to have a warm, comforting home to clean everyday.

i really try not to take things for granted. & make sure that everyone is aware of my love for them, every minute of everyday but sometimes it is so easy to get lost in the moment, forget in the moment you think is going wrong, it could be going a whole lot worse.

we are a family. we have food, a warm place to call home, our health, each other, freedom, our happiness & each others smiles. no matter how bad the day seems nothing about that is terrible. it is in fact perfect. maybe just a crazy version of perfect.

think about it the next day you're having a horrible day. is really all that horrible?!

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AliceMum said...

Sabrina you said it so well!! I remember those days when I had 5 young kiddos and I would get overwhelmed...the best thing to do is stop and take a minute (like you did last night) to be thankful for your life no matter how rough the day has been!! You are doing great!! You're a wonderful wife and mommy!! Love you!! Wish I was there to give you a big hug!!