Sunday, November 6, 2011

late night ramblings

as i sit here & look at my computer, i see the clock. it reads 1:16am. i have two small children, why in the world am i awake, they sleep through the night, they don't need late night feedings, so what am i doing?! i'll tell you. i am enjoying the quiet.

my kids are tucked away, dreaming sweet little dreams, while snuggled in their beds. my husband is snoozing away on the couch, where he passed out watching storage wars & here i sit. enjoying the nothing. the silence.

[don't mind me. just playing around with the webcam. what else do you] 
do at 1am?!

we have "quiet" time in the afternoon. this is when braedon sleeps & when colton will relax & watch a movie, but if he is awake, he is making noise. my days are filled with the sounds of cartoons on nick jr & disney jr, the boys fighting with each other, the kids screaming as they run through the house screaming, their sweet little laughs, the sounds of 32 different toys going off at any given time[i love every minute of it, i love the choas] the kids go to bed, i clean up the house, do the laundry & then jeremiah comes home & we spend the night together, talking, laughing, watching tv. but where in that day do i ever get to just sit & do nothing. just sit & enjoy the quiet?! i don't. those opportunities only exist at 1am. so here i am.

it's daylight savings, fall back ... an extra hour of sleep, right?! not when you have kids. the sun will be up an hour earlier, the kids whose bodies usually are up at 7:30am will instead have their little inner alarms ringing at 6:30am. i know i will be tired in the morning, i dread the thought of morning with each passing minute that goes by on the clock. i know little voices will be calling me bright & early. but i just can't stop, i can't stop enjoying the                   [nothing of this moment]

but hey, i do have a husband. they have a daddy, a daddy that has been sleeping for hours. he can handle that situation while i soak up just a couple extra minutes in bed right?! i hope so ... or i will be the walking dead tomorrow.

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