Tuesday, November 29, 2011

keeping clean for santa

so i mentioned it yesterday here but i can't get over how cute this is so i thought i would discuss it a little more.

last week we put our christmas tree up [ yes, tuesday before thanksgiving. i finally broke my husband & won that war] what fun it was. we turned on the christmas music & just spent time as a family decorating the house.

when it was all said & done it was time to pick up & start dinner but i wanted a shower first. when i got out of the shower colton was "cleaning up the house for santa claus" all on this own. this is not something i taught him, not games i am playing to make him clean he did it all on his own.

i explained that santa was not coming that night, that santa wouldn't be here for awhile & he decided to keep cleaning. we turned on the new cd i had received that day & cleaned up the house together. i was so impressed.

everyday since that day we put up our tree colton has decided to clean up the house for santa. seriously?! do you think this is something i can keep all 365 days a year?! no, okay, what about at least until christmas?! i am really enjoying the extra helping hands.