Thursday, November 10, 2011

"i don't like white stuff"

"i don't like white stuff"

this is colton's new saying! what is he referring to?! FOOD! let's go back to how it all started....

one day i had cooked the kids some popcorn chicken for dinner. we sat down to eat dinner & colton took a bite of his chicken, well it was a little defected. not in the sense that there was anything "badly" wrong with it. it was missing the chicken. he ate it, the outside shell of the chicken & from that moment on ... everything changed. 

the next piece of chicken he put in his mouth quickly went back to the plate. that's when he first declared it "i don't like white stuff".

after fighting with him for 20 minutes, i lost. i did not get him to eat anymore chicken that night. i thought maybe it was just that day, that meal, that we would wake up the next day & he would be over it! 

he wasn't. since that day he has stuck to his guns, he doesn't like white stuff. 

now he really doesn't mean all white stuff he still eats bread[thank goodness, the kids could live on sandwiches] & pasta[ also another big piece of his diet] but for the life of me still, a month later i cannot get him to eat chicken ... or FRIES! are you kidding me?!
chicken nuggets & french fries

aren't that supposed to be every parents go-to meal whether it be trowing them in the oven at home or picking up a happy meal?! my 4 year old won't eat either, we took him out for lunch one day, ordered him chicken & fries, thinking he wasn't serious. the joke was on us, he didn't touch it. another day on the way home from the store we were going to stop at a drive through, we ended up with pizza.

not white but also off the list?! hamburgers. remember the day i sat at the DMV?! jeremiah took the kids to get happy meals. of course colton wasn't going to eat chicken so he was going to order a burger. colton wouldn't eat a burger. my husband paid $1.07 for a cheese sandwich. in case you're wondering that is a bun with a piece of cheese. almost grilled cheese-ish.

i am truly hoping this is a phase, one he quickly gets over it. i am also hoping he continues to enjoy the colors yellow & orange because i can't lie, no chicken or burgers, he has been eating a lot of grilled cheese & macaroni & cheese [go ahead, judge ... but it's better than nothing] ... & i hope it doesn't rub off on his brother!

oh, kids!!!!!!

any advice on how to turn this around, that "white stuff" & burgers aren't really that bad?!

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