Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

well. halloween has officially come & gone. what a good one we had this year. sunday was when we started our halloween fun. we painted pumpkins. baked halloween treats. put together our monster house & had so much fun doing it all. i love when we get to just sit down & spend time together as a family.

 [the boys finished pumpkins]

[our monster house]
[candy corn cupcakes]
[a close up]
[mmm. pineapple upside down cake]

yesterday jeremiah worked so the kids & i just hung around the house, put some final touches on costumes & made a pineapple upside down cake[which i just had a piece of for breakfast. it was amazing!! once jer was home we were off to mom's as soon as we got there we got the kids ready. brae had a little mishap & broke his belt, it was okay, he still looked adorable. three months ago colton stated what he wanted to be for halloween, never changed his mind once, couldn't convince him to be anything else. the problem, we couldn't find the costume anywhere. last week my mom found one. size 3T-4T. i said grab it for us, that's the same size i would have grabbed had we got it. since my mom picked it up it was at her house so we didn't get a chance to try it on until the big day. it was too small. the legs were a little short, the sleeves were a little short & the velcro wouldn't close on the back BUT he couldn't have been happier about it! he loved every minute of being in that costume.

[my parents dressed as velma & shaggy at colton's request. too cute]
 [shaggy & scooby]
 [grandpa with his boys]
 [best pals]
 [my little scuba guy]
 [he is even wearing water shoes]
[air tank & air hose]
[we tried to take this picture like 6 times & this was the only one that wasn't a total blur]
you get the idea
[from the phone]
[sorry about the lack of pictures, i was too busy having fun. the quality isn't to great either but before trick or treating they were excited to go & afterwards all they wanted was the candy. hard to get them so sit still. my mom has some pictures i'll post again if she has any better ones]

trick or treating was great. it was the first year we went without a stroller & braedon loved every minute of it. he kept saying "more doors, more doors please" & he said thank you to every single person. & this year colton actually said trick or treat at each house. i was dying of the cuteness. as we are going to each house everyone was saying things like "oh my gosh, he is so cute. that is the best costume ever. that's the best one we've seen all night. good job" i would say braedon's costume was a success & go me!! it was the first costume i have ever made & it ended up being a huge hit.

my kids only did like a block & half & their pumpkins were full & they were getting tired. people give away some really cool stuff. they got full size candy bars[which mommy & daddy will gladly take care of them] mini halloween granola bars, mini oreos, chocolate cover pretzels, toys. i was impressed with their loot.

after trick or treating we had a couple drinks, a couple laughs then headed inside for some lasagna & MNF. yes, even on halloween you can find us watching football. we left at half time, the kids passed out as soon as we pulled out of the driveway & once we got home they got changed & in bed & we watched.... phillip rivers drop the ball & the chargers lose.

the kids were clearly exhausted. colton slept till after 9 this morning, whoohoo & braedon didn't get up until after 11, too bad they both couldn't have done that. i won't really complain about 9 though, it's better than 7.

hope you all had a happy & safe halloween. check back tomorrow for the big giveaway & i have a review lined up soon too! i am so excited!

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pam said...

awww sounds and looks like they had so much fun!!!
I love the pics. SO cute!!

Hope you get to sleep in again. ;-)
much love xoxo