Monday, November 28, 2011

guest post: our little men

today i am excited to introduce you to amanda!
she has been my internet buddy for a few years now, she knows my husbands family in michigan but sadly we have never met. maybe the michigan florida difference is the reason.
 i am pretty convinced if she lived down the street she might be my best friend. 
from the fact that we both have to little boys[& are her's seriously not the cutest] to our love for jason statham, ja rule & the saints, haha!

anyways, are you ready to have your mind blown, her story is pretty shocking!!
enjoy & when you're done make sure you go check out her blog, she is a funny lady & did i mention her babies are adorable?!


Hey guy! I'm Amanda from over at Our Little Men
A twenty-something wife to a hard working man, mommy of two under two
and an up and coming photographer!

Sabrina asked me to do a guest post and for days I have been wracking my brain on what to write about. Suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'll tell you all a story I've never told on my blog. I can't believe I've never written this story on my OWN blog! It's kind of a big one... kind of something I should share with all of my bloggy friends. Something that'll make you think, "man.. I had NO idea!" 

Ready? Here we go.

I could have been the poster girl for the show, "I didn't know I was pregnant".
Yepp. That's right. I was "that" girl.
Jamie and I had been together for six years. We had been living together for almost 5 of them.
We spent the summer of '09 traveling with friends for jetski rides, riding quads at the dunes, wake boarding, and of course, partying. Nothing heavy, just bonfires and get togethers.

As summer started to wind down, I noticed a few changes in my body. In September I had noticed that my boobs were a little bigger. I'm normally a small A cup. Sometimes I fluctuate between a big A and a small B.. but I had cleavage, people! I wasn't complaining and when I'd mentioned it to friends and family (my mom) they just said sometimes that happens with age. No complaints from me! In October I'd noticed I'd gained a few pounds. I'm not one to weigh myself.. ever. I only noticed that my jeans were fitting tight. Finally, I weighed myself and I'd gained 5lbs. I've always been pretty small.. between 110 and 115. I was 120. I mentioned it to my mom a few times and she would laugh at me. "Amanda, you haven't gained a pound since high school! That happens as you get older!" True, right? I mean, I was going on 23... I was bound to gain weight eventually, right? I wasn't really the definition of a good eater either. Junk and fast food had always treated me well!
{about 3 weeks before I found out I was pregnant}
it looks obvious right? Well, now that I know it sure does.

I had never missed a period. I was on the pill and taking it correctly. The thought of being pregnant NEVER crossed my mind. We even made jokes about it! At our Halloween party someone snapped a picture and while looking at it I said, "DELETE IT! I look like I'm pregnant!" and everyone did that whole, "Oh my god, you're so tiny.. stop it!" thing.

{The Halloween picture}

November came and my period didn't. I brushed it off and waited a week. Still no period. My mom worked at my GYN office, so I called her. She told me to come in when they were on their lunch break and they'd give me an ultrasound to see what was going on. Maybe it was a cyst? Or.. maybe I was pregnant.

Around noon I headed to the office. We went into the ultrasound room and from there.. it's all kind of a blurr.
I got on the table and she stuck the probe up there... immediately their faces (my mom's and her friends - the u/s tech's) changed. She pulled the probe out and said, "well.. that's not going to work". Confused I just kind of sat there.

What? Why?

She looked at me said said, "there's a big baby in there!"

A big what? A baby???

I will NEVER forget the look on my mom's face. It was joy mixed with surprise mixed with panic. I went into shock. I started crying.. hyperventilating. I just kept telling them I was going to puke.


I looked at the monitor expecting to see a little sea monkey, but it was a BABY! A full profile, sucking it's little thumb. I instantly fell in love. It was the most crazy, beautiful, scary thing that has ever happened to me.

The ultrasound tech looked at me and asked if I wanted to know what the sex was. My mom's first reaction was to yell, "NO!"


I was like, "What do you mean no!? If I just found out I'm having a baby and she can tell me if it's a boy or a girl, I want to know!"

It was a boy. A perfectly healthy baby boy. She showed me all of his fingers, all of his toes, his bladder was full so we knew his kidneys we working. His brain looked perfect. His heart and heartbeat were beautiful. It was all just so so crazy.

Just like that, my life changed. I went into the doctors office thinking they were going to tell me I had a cyst or that I was 6 weeks pregnant.. not that I was 18 weeks and having a boy!

Next I had to tell Jamie. I called him immediately and he  knew. He said he guessed by the panic in my voice. It was all just SO crazy. I went home and had to wait for him to get home from work. I remember I was vacuuming the house and I kept going back to my jewelry box where I'd hidden the ultrasound pictures so I could look at them. Then I'd touch my belly. SO CRAZY!

We had dinner with Jamie's mom and sister the next night. We told them both afterward and thankfully, everyone was excited. It was such shocking news to all, but like I've said... so, so, so exciting!

4 short months later, on March 19, 2010 our Gavin Paul came FLYING into this world. His birth is a whole other exciting story.

Am I the only one with a crazy "how I found out I was pregnant" story or do you have your own!? Tell me about it, I'll be checking back on this post to hear your stories and read your comments!!'


To read more about our family, the kids, and my photography.. head on over to our blog! If you're interested in my birth stories, they're there too! Thanks Sabrina for letting me tell my crazy story.. I can't believe in the year I've had my blog, I've never sat down to type that one out. 


Rj and Jessie said...

Wow! So crazy! One of my friends didn't find out she was pregnant till 8 months!

Sarah [Nurse Loves Farmer] said...

Amanda...I'm in shock and AWE!!! I didn't think that really "happened" to people...especially a tiny thing like you! WOW! Great post!

Amanda Marie said...

Rj and Jessie.. I know! It's funny though, I have met so many other people who didn't find out they were expecting until their 2nd trimester or later! It seems like it might be more common than you'd think!

Sarah.. I never understood how someone could NOT know they were pregnant! But when youre using the preventatives it really is the last thing you'd ever think! Glad you enjoyed the story!

TheFishFamily said...

Ummm...I didn't have a CLUE I was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test just about every other month because I was irregular and even though I was on birth control (and took it religiously) I still took a test every other month. I was so sure it would turn up negative like all the other ones, that I waited a half hour to go look at it. And then I did, and I started crying too. In fact, I am pretty sure Kim was the first person I told. She was on Facebook and she asked how I was doing and I said, "Ummm, I'm pregnant." lol. Craziest moment in my life, but like you said, very exciting.