Friday, November 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY:: trukid review & giveaway

i was so excited about being given the chance to do a review & giveaway on a couple of the trukid products. 

trukid is a california based company for kids that focuses on creating healthy habits & promoting positive choices  for children & families. the trukid philosophy is to create a sustainable future for our kids by teaching them to take care of themselves, each other & the environment. who doesn't want their kids to learn such habits. trukid provides products that are free of harmful chemicals. as a parent this is another big plus am i right?! the company also strives to use innovative & green packaging. what doesn't sound fabulous about any of that?!

we were lucky enough to receive the silly shampoo & happy face and body lotion 

i am in love. for a few different reasons. i love everything that trukid stands behind & i love anything chemical free when it comes to my children.
the names of the products are TOO cute! colton hates hair time in the bath but with a name like "silly shampoo" how can you go wrong. he was so excited to use it & he may have even thought it meant he could act a little silly. 
the colors are loud,fun & vibrant & so appealing to kids!
my favorite part?! the fact that each bottle shows what part of the body the product is for. for bigger kids[like colton] who can't read but try to be so independent it's so easy to know exactly which bottle you need & even those who are smaller. braedon was checking out the shampoo & said "hair hair" i mean seriously, that's pretty darn cute right?! a genius idea that i have never seen on any other products.

the shampoo was amazing. not only was it easy peasy to get the kids to wash their hair in the first place the shampoo was just plain awesome. it lathered so easily. 

after our hair was washed we headed to dry off & get dressed but not before lathering on the lotion. 
we each pumped a bit & in our hands then the kids decided they wanted to do their "rubs" themselves. so while we did a good portion of their bodies, they did their bellies & legs.

the dispense pump that was included made it so easy for them to get the lotion on their own.
there was no flipping, shaking, squeezing everywhere, just pump & rub! 
& it smells SOOOOOO good!

along with the above mentioned products i was also sent samples of a product that has not yet been released. 
rockin' rash relief 
it is currently in the consumer testing phase & will be a hit once it is released i just know it.
it is a serum to relieve eczema, diaper rash, general rashes, bug bites, skinned knees, scrapes, athlete's foot, dry skin & whatever else bothers your skin,

here are my thoughts on the RRR. i personally tripped on a toy, flew in the air & scraped my knee on the carpet on the way down. i have a fierce rug burn on my knee.[i will spare you the picture]
after hurting horribly for days, it scabbed up & now is just irritating & itchy! let me tell you, i opened up my sample pack & poured it on my knee[it isn't like a lotion, or anti-biotic ointment, so you don't need to rub it] & within seconds my knee felt the best it has felt in days! that was just a couple hours ago & it still isn't bothering me. AMAZING!!

i am SOLD. if i, as an adult, can use it on my big "owies" & it actually helps it feel better i just know it will be a hit with kids! i cannot wait for this product to be released!!!!

head on over to the trukid website & browse through the products.
they have shampoo, conditioner, face wash, sunscreen & much more.
they have hair care bundles & you can even a bundle with a free gift for a great price[just like the rest of the products.]

trukid was kind enough to offer a giveaway to my readers as well.
one lucky reader will receive a full size silly shampoo & happy face and body lotion of their own
[the winner will be notified by email & will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen so be]
if you enter to comment & leave your email

for those of you who don't win i have a coupon code for you :) 
who doesn't love those?!

"receive a FREE silly shampoo with any order of $35.00 or more when ordered on the trukid website. use coupon code "SILLYMOM". limit 1 per customer"

[disclaimer: i received the above mentioned items for free to review on my blog. this post is honest & 100% my own thoughts & opinions]

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baby rashes said...

I hope this one has a more gentler formula. But I'd always prefer organic and herbal. But then there's always a first time for everything.