Wednesday, November 16, 2011

epic mommy fail!

so here is what went down tonight & why i had a total mommy fail!

before bedtime i stuck braedon in the bathtub, everything is going like usual. he is having a great time, splashing around, the norm.

as i am shutting the water off & such i knocked down a razor. it scared me so i said "braedon, don't move! sharp. big owwies" i picked up the razor & put it back. i turn to get brae out & he was standing as far in the corner of the bathtub ... & then he starts crying.

"don't like it sharp. don't like it owwies" 

oh boy. colton comes walking in & is asking why braedon is crying, i tell him a razor fell & it scared me.

then braedon starts saying 

"don't like it razors, razors scary, don't like it sharp, dont like it bubble bath"

uh oh! for the next 15 minutes i heard braedon telling me about how he is scared of the bath, doesn't want to take anymore bubble baths. then i have colton saying to him "are you still scared of the razor beam" 

all i was trying to do was trying to keep him back so i could pick it up & put it away. i may have actually ruined bath time .... forever


Amanda Marie said...

"are yous till scared of the razor beam?"
^^I am laughing so hard I have tears!!!!!

Don't feel bad, one time a bottle of baby soap fell from the shelf and hit Gavin on the head. It only took 2 baths of screaming before he forgot and was over it. he hates having his hair washed though... that's bath time torture in itself.

Christine said...

oh no! My little guys is so sensitive to anything I say like that too and it's so hard to judge what's going to effect him and what's not.

"razor beam" so so cute!

Lisa said...

Ohh my gosh this was so cute and so sad!