Monday, November 28, 2011

dear santa ... wait who?!

the holidays have been busy & fun. due to thanksgiving we got an extra day off with jeremiah & we always soak up any extra time we can get with him. i haven't done much real blogging lately so here i am to get back on track [before we get started did you check out the giveaways in the side bar?! & be on the lookout tomorrow & thursday, i have more :)]

so there is something i saw on facebook that was kind of shocking to me & for the life of me i can't stop asking myself why?! because i just don't understand it. so i am going to share it with you & maybe you can help shed some light on the situation.

over the weekend my personal facebook status said this:

"colton is "cleaning up the house for santa" i promise i'll tell him santa isn't coming tonight ... after he's done :)"

it was cute & funny & everyday since we've put the christmas tree up colton thinks he needs to clean the house for santa. if that's what he wants to think i will let him continue to clean for santa. who am i to ruin that fun right. anyways i wanted to share the overload of cute with our family & friends. then i received this as a comment on my status

 "We are telling [insert child's name here] that Santa is just part of a story and that family and friends give each other presents"

so this is was written by a family member, not a close one, i have in fact only met her once. her son is ONE  day younger that braedon. if you need a refresher, that puts him at not even two & a half years old.

to each their own, i will never tell someone how you should or should not raise your children but my mind cant help but be blown by this. 

i can see if you are an older child & it's the right time to break the news but at two & a half you haven't even begun to really understand santa yet. 

what about all the fun traditions?! every december 6th for st.nicholas day, the kids leave their christmas list in their shoes, santa comes & picks up their lists & leaves a small in gift in their shoes.

what about leaving milk & cookies christmas eve?! a carrot in the yard for the reindeer?! waking up & seeing all of the before mentioned items gone.

what about the feeling you had as a child laying in bed on christmas eve, the butterflies in your stomach, the anticipation, flying out of bed at 6am to go take a peek?!

what about now as parents staying up way too late on christmas eve getting everything ready but knowing how rewarding it will be when you see those huge smiling faces, those glowing faces your children have after he has finally come?!

what about sitting in the classroom with a room full of other children writing letters to santa, will he not partake?! will he inform all the other children it's just a story?!

& what about my kids. this is family remember. what if we end up at the same place on christmas in coming years?! will he ruin it for my children.

i don't know, i guess i just feel sad & i don't understand why you wouldn't even let a two year old enjoy santa.

[btw, they are in fact christmas celebrating people]

i do understand that sometimes christmas is more consumed by presents than it should be but you can still teach about giving while enjoying santa at the same. they are toddlers.

we plan on taking the boys to the store & letting them pick out a toy, while explaining they are picking out a toy for a little boy or girl that isn't as lucky as they are & then we are going to take those toys to toys for tots.

i don't know. i guess having a baby toddler the same age & not letting him experience santa.

so what about you?! did you grow up with santa in your life?! when & how did you find out?! what were some of your favorite santa traditions?! am i a total nut job for not understanding why someone would do this?!


~Pam~ said...

Oh, I totally love Santa! You probably already know that I think it's fun for kids to experience Santa and all that goes with it. My kids always had Santa, but also knew that Christmas is to celebrate Jesus and His birth. I embrace both and gave both to my kids. It is a very happy, joyful time!
I think my favorite Santa traditions are leaving out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer!

Amanda Marie said...

My cousins never let their kids believe in Santa.. they range in age from 4-15. They explained to them the traditions of Santa and what-not, but choose not to do all of the Santa hoopla. They never ruined it for anyone else, because they were told the traditions of other families and that it's a magical thing for other children.

I too think it's a bummer, but they still seem to have fun with the way they do things. To each his own, I guess. My kids however, will believe in santa for as long as I can make them! I still get all giddy on Christmas eve and I KNOW he's not real! It's fun to believe!