Friday, November 4, 2011

dear DMV ... you suck!

what a day we had yesterday! i went to the dmv yesterday to renew my license ... what a headache.

we leave the house around 10am & head on over. take a number & wait ... & wait ... & wait. after almost 2 hours of waiting it's finally my turn. you probably don't know but in florida you need 123545621356 pieces of paper to prove that you are in fact you.

i have a whole envelope full of stuff. i take out each piece & hand it to the guy. this one is okay, that one is okay. this one ... IS NOT okay. are you kidding me?! it's from the freaking IRS, it has my social & it matches every other piece of paper with my name on it. then i give him my marriage certificate[that's what it said on the internet C-E-R-T-I-F-I-C-A-T-E] only he tells me i actually need you marriage license. he tells me it's all a matter of time. if i leave now blah blah blah ....

so he sends me to the social security office. that woman tells me i can't get a social card without an ID but i can't get my ID without a social card. i was "stuck between a rock & a hard place" seriously?! after asking her what in the world i am supposed to do she finally printed out a sheet for me, really you couldn't have done that for me right away without causing me all the stress you did.

then i head to the clerk of the court to get a copy of my marriage license & then back to the DMV to wait all over again. the second time jeremiah dropped me off & took the kids to mcdonalds for lunch so they didn't have to sit there all over again. brought me some food that i ran outside, scarfed down & then ran back inside not to miss my number. the second time around it went much smoother. i paid for my license, i paid an extra $15 because it was late & then i had to pay$7 because i was actually doing at the tax collectors office not an actual "dmv". so, so stupid!

finally around 3:45pm we got home... almost 6 hours from the time we left, what a ridiculous day! let me just say i am thrilled my license says "expires 2019" & i don't have to worry about that again for awhile!

this morning i headed back to the clerk, paid my tickets, ahhh, a big sigh, it is finally all done with.

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