Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a birth story: braedon trey ♥

[since i post colton's on his birthday & have yet to do braedon's i figured it was about time. so enjoy a birth story: braedon try]

what a world of difference between the way my children came into the world.

my pregnancy with braedon was not glowing & lovely by any means but it was a walk in the park compared to how bad things were with colton. i was pretty much sick the entire pregnancy not nearly as bad as the first time. i ended up in the hospital a couple times for dehydration & i was there for horrible headaches a couple times but the second time around i could function from day to day. thank goodness because this time around i not only had myself, i had a toddler to take care of.

having an emergency c-section with colton we knew that a scheduled section was going to be an option of us. i was a candidate for a VBAC but to be totally honest with you, i was terrified at the thought of doing it naturally after a c-section. yes, it was major surgery & yes, it's painful. horribly painful[we'll get to that in a minute] it just seemed easier than the unknown. maybe i am just a whimp. my entire pregnancy i just kept saying please wait till your time. i was terrified because it was the second time around i was going to go in labor before my scheduled section at 39 weeks. if i had i would have gone to L&D & they would have just prepped me & taken me back for surgery like planned but what if i got to the hospital too late, what if they didn't have time for all that. braedon patiently waited until it was his time to join us here in the world.

my c-section was scheduled for 8am July 23rd, 2009. we had to be at the hospital 2 hours early for prep. we woke at about 5am that day & we were out of the house by 5:30am.

[5am before heading to the hospital]

we arrive, get checked in. what a crazy process. the car ride there, well i don't know there are words it was such a different/crazy feeling knowing i was on my way & that in just a couple hours braedon would be here. i was emotional. excited. nervous. scared. 

once everything was good to go, papers signed etc. they took me to my own recovery room to do the surgery prep. everything is going smoothly ... then they tried to get the iv. poked me in one spot, no luck, tried another spot, no luck. kept trying & trying poking & poking. all of a sudden everything around me is starting to sound like charlie brown, the room is spinning, i feel nauseous. the doctors start scrambling, the dr tells them to rush in an u/s machine. they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. they say the OR is ready right now in case i needed to be wheeled in at that moment. everyone starts literally ripping my jewelry off me. keep in mind they are still trying to get the iv in. they call the Anesthesiologist so he could administer numbing drugs, to poke me again. he couldn't get it either. finally the plain old nurse who started in the first place got it in. once they stopped poking me everything went back to normal. they found the baby's heartbeat & the morning was going to go on as usual. apparently them poking me over & over caused my blood pressure to drop drastically & the baby was in distress while that was happening. 

the morning went from calm & collected to crazy & scary in about a minute & then back to calm & collected 5 minutes later. what a rollercoaster it was. i remember jeremiah & i exchanging a look of "oh my god, here we go again" while everyone was scrambling around us.

they finally took me back to the OR. jeremiah had to stay back until they did the anesthesia. my anesthesiologist was great until jeremiah got there. similar to with colton, the first poke to my back was unsuccessful, thankfully this time they only had to do it twice. i was crying, he was calming[at least trying] me. i was cold, he got me LOTS of WARM blankets. i felt nauseous, he injected more anti nausea medicine into my iv. he took good care of me. 

then jeremiah showed up & i cried & cried. i was so scared. it was such a different experience. this time i actually knew what was going on. i knew that the doctors were about to cut open my abdomen & in moments i would be hearing my sweet baby boys cry. it was overwhelming. 

braedon trey was born:
july 23rd, 2009 at 9:06am
7lbs 11oz & 20in 

he was perfect. literally, a perfect apgar score. i heard that sweet cry. something i had waited 9 whole months for. something i will never forget. something so special to me because i have no memory of it the first time around. jeremiah left my side to go see his new son, take some pictures/video & cut the cord[something he didn't get to do the first time] he & a nurse brought braedon over for me to see & then they both left the operating room. braedon had jeremiah with him every moment until i got there. they both went to my room to wait for me, the doctors finished up & not to much longer there i was with my boys.

[about 20 minutes out of the OR]

as soon as i got to my room i was handed my baby to start feeding him. remember with colton i didn't see him for 12 hours, this too was very special for me. it only lasted a couple minutes. a combination of the morphine & double shot of anti nausea drugs in the OR made me really fuzzy & unable to focus for too long, but i did feed him before i passed him to daddy & i do remember it. 

visitors started coming. first my mother in law. then my parents, sister & colton boy. since i was still in recovery  & was going to be there until i could move my legs again i was only allowed one adult at a time. my mom came back & saw us, took some pictures & before i knew it i was wiggling my toes & on my way to my real room. 

once i got to my regular room i finally got some ice & some apple juice, saw my dad & my sister & then watched colton j meet his new baby brother. 

i had been so scared for all those months. can you love two kids the same. at that moment in the hospital room i knew it was absolutely possible.

everything went perfect the second time around. braedon had what was called "angel kisses" the doctor told us they would go away with time & they did.

you live & you learn. i learned that when people give you advice, you should probably listen. as soon at the doctors allowed me out of bed when my 24 hours was up, i fought the pain & got out of bed. i think people are correct when they say it is easier & quicker healing process the sooner you get outta bed & walk. jer & i would push braedon through the hallways in his little bin cart. we would drop him in the nursery for a few minutes & walk outside or to the cafeteria. it felt good to be up & walking so much earlier than with colton but it didn't come without pain.

i struggled badly with the pain the second time around. for the first 48 hours you have a morphine button. i could press it every 8 minutes & it would release a small amount. there was no pain then. obviously when they take the iv out that stops. i was in tears, balling numerous times, jeremiah begging doctors & nurses to find something to help me. we must have tried 4 or 5 different pain medications until we finally found one that worked. the pain never really went away but it eased it up a lot. thankfully that didn't last past the hospital stay.

braedon was born on a thursday morning & we left the hospital sunday afternoon. waited for my parents to  drop of colton & start our life as a complete family of four ♥

[i know i have more pictures of braedon than colton's birth story. a different situation means more people] were there with cameras & i was able to actually snap pictures of my babe



Jess said...

beautiful story. I really need to write my birth story with Elliot, I want to post it on his birthday, too! :)

Rj and Jessie said...

Too cute!

Sarah said...

Congratulations he's beautiful!

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