Sunday, October 2, 2011

yesss please

amazing things have happened here. october 1st rolled around & florida kicked into fall mode. yesterday morning when we woke up it 68 degrees outside. we left for the store, all wearing jeans. i almost forgot what those are & i certainly forgot how darn cute my kids look in jeans, i mean it's only been summer in florida since february.

last night we had lows in the 40s & 50s & the highs today might not even make it to 80 & there is no humidity. it's lovely. perfect weather to get out & do fall-ish things. too bad jeremiah has & will continue to spend the entire weekend & work. so today i will let some fresh air in the house. burn my pumpkin spice candles & enjoy a day full of football with my little guys!

i was hoping this weather was here to stay & that next weekend would be just as nice for colton's party but as the week moves on the temps will start rising again. i am just hoping that 87 really means 87, not "feels like 100"

hope you all enjoy football day & just a friendly reminder DEXTER starts tonight!

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