Friday, October 21, 2011

update on colton

we took colton to his primary pediatrician yesterday morning & i am happy to report that he is a-ok :) i am so relieved. i would be lying if i said your child suddenly developing a bump[swollen lymph node] for no reason, with no other symptoms isn't scary. i was so nervous & anxious all week & now it's a huge weight off my shoulders.

there is a good possibility it could be "cat scratch fever" if a cat has the infection & scratches, bites, or even licks, a human can get it. cats usually get it young & once they have it they will never get it again[like chicken pox with humans] the doctor said it is mostly kids who come down with it because they play with the cats & don't know how to stop. if you are a human & you get it you can either get flu like symptoms & a general feeling of ick or you may have only a swollen lymph node near the site of the scratch or bite. we aren't certain, you can't be without doing blood work, which was unneeded. why put him through that again for nothing. if it is in fact cat scratch fever it like a cold typically goes away on it's own.

so at the end of the day it is just an infection in his lymph node. our doctor said the antibiotics he is on wouldn't have been her choice but since he is taking them for a few days & not getting any worse to just keep it up.

she said sometimes these last days, weeks, even months. we will go back in december for a well check. she said if it is still there by then they would send us to an ENT to biopsy it/possibly remove it. but she doesn't think that will be the case. she said she was confident it is just an infection & nothing more.

thank goodness!!! last night, for the first time this week i went to bed without any stresses about anything on my mind & it was fantastic. i will probably be around the blog this weekend but if i'm not, or you're not have a happy weekend!

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