Saturday, October 1, 2011

tip of the day:

hairspray removes sharpie marker off furniture.
how do i know?! when all else fails, turn to google & do everything it tells you to.

fyi: i don't let my children color on themselves or the furniture

here's the story. i put braedon in his room for naptime. jeremiah comes home real quick to drop off a few things after his meeting & heads into braedon's room to kiss him goodnight & say goodbye. braedon dozes off for his midday snooze.

when naptime is over & he comes trotting out of his room i can't help but notice the marker all over his body. are you kidding me. my kids are not allowed to have any kind of colors in their rooms, they are not allowed to color without parental supervision. my sneaky, usually angelic child took contraband in his room! 

i figure i should head in there to find the marker so there are no more mishaps. this is what i find.

i about have a stroke right there. really?! coloring himself wasn't good enough. he had to color his dresser too?! his dresser that is BRAND NEW. i am frantic. i call jeremiah for tips on marker removal only to have him tell me:

"i hope it's not sharpie. oh no, i don't have my marker. do you think it fell out of my pocket when i was saying goodbye?"

GASP! i hope not. i found the marker. sharpie it was.

i try baby wipes. no such luck.
i try the magic eraser. it took away the little marks but the heavily colored spots & spots that he went up & down over & over weren't coming off. it lightened it, but didn't remove it.
i call my mom for tips, she has no idea.

so when all else fails i do what everyone always does ... i turn to google. i am not the only person that does that right?!

i pick one spot & write over the marks with a dry erase marker, apparently it pulls out all the ink.
apparently that's false. it didn't work.
i try toothpaste. nope. that didn't work either.
then i read it....
hairspray. i am thinking its crazy. that it will never work but hey i have some whats it going to hurt.
omg. it works wonders.

cant even tell what happened

after about 10 minutes i left braedon's room with my head held high. i did it. i tackled the sharpie & i won!

now .... 

i just need to know how to remove sharpie from the child


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

this is good to know. gage has a bad habit of drawing on everything...including owsley's head.

AliceMum said...

Well Sabrina did you try "spraying him down"?? (with hair spray!!) LOL That sounds like something his Daddy would have done when he was his age!!