Sunday, October 30, 2011

sunday confessional; 1st edition

okay, i know if you are part of the blogging world you have been over to deanna's blog at delirious-rhapsody right?! when i first joined the blogging world earlier this year, her's was one of the first i found & i have loved it ever since. she cracks me up .. & her kids, so darn cute. they in fact might make me laugh harder than she does.

anyways she started doing something called sunday confessional. it's a fun way to get to know random facts about people & for me personally a great way to make a post even if i have nothing exciting to say so i thought i would join in. 

here it goes:

1] my hair is way too long for my own good. i haven't had a haircut since the june before braedon was born. if you need help that was JUNE OF 2009. yes, it has been over two years. i don't do anything with it. most of the time i jump out of the shower. i never curl it or anything. actually if we go out i straighten it[i have naturally curly hair]. it's a pain in  the butt but seriously, after two years i can't bear to part with it. 

[this was actually from august & i didn't even realize it's longer than the picture]

2] to say i am a picky eater is an understatement. actually i eat like a two year old. chicken & potatoes. once & awhile some beef. at the age of 25 i could not tell you what an egg taste like. i don't eat them. or a nut. don't eat those either. i have never tried any kind of seafood. i don't eat pork. i have never tried broccoli, peas, spinach, celery, an actual tomato, green beans. i tried squash once, the smallest bite ever, i gagged. lets put it this way veggies that i do eat: potatoes, lettuce, corn. aside from those you won't find it near me & i have probably never even put it near my mouth.

3] speaking of food. i don't let it touch. at thanksgiving you can find me at the table with 5 different plates. i know it all goes in the same place but if something touches another something[esp gravy] it's ruined.

4] i am kind of OCD about a few things. the one i'll tell you about today is my front door being locked. i keep it locked all day everyday & at night before bed i will check the door up to 20 times some nights. i will do it 4 or 5 times the first time. if i walk by i will do the same thing again. i am known to even get out of bed 2,3,4 times to check it again. you see people with their ocd rituals, yes, that's mine. [i will share another next week]

5] i love horror movies. i have as long as i can remember. back when blockbuster was still in, remember when  you actually went to a video store to rent movies?! i would look & look & look & struggle to find a movie i had never seen because i have seem them all. horror freak i am but i don't really like vampires, zombies or movies about the devil. i will watch them but only if there is nothing else. tonight" wrong turn 4. yes, i am a sucker for cheap b flicks

6] i love to color. i always have. every time i would get sick my mom would buy me a new coloring book & crayons ... now my husband does the same. i might have more crayons than the kids & no they are not allowed to use mine, they have their own. haha! i love coloring with the kids & also find it a good way to release stress.

7] i don't own an "i" anything. not an iphone, ipod of any sort. i don't even have an i tunes account & i am okay with it. 

8] i collect shot glasses. every time i or someone close to me goes somewhere one always comes home for me. ... & hippos

9] in the 5th grade i had braces on my top four front teeth, i had a gap between the front two. when i got the braces off they put what i will say is similar to a staple behind my two front teeth. it's glued there & will be there forever so the gap never comes back.

10] while i could probably use the energy all the time i have never tried any sort of energy drink. not because i am against them i just think it would be cool to go through my whole life & be all "no, i have never even tried one" dork?! maybe, oh well.


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