Wednesday, October 12, 2011

scooby dooby doo, where are you?!

while the actual birthday itself was amazing we still had more festivities & fun to look forward to! THE PARTY! colton was patiently waiting all weekend for his scooby party & what an amazing party it was. colton is such a lucky little guy to have so much family & so many friends that love him so much. the week leading up to the party was crazy & stressful[that's a post of it's own] that morning was hectic... & stressful. it was pouring outside. you may have seen florida on the weather sometime over the weekend.

i figured i don't need an alarm. colton is up between 7-7:30 everyday. we woke up at 8:37am. it was crazy trying to get everyone ready & out of the house. packing up the car, making sure nothing was left behind. get in the car, hit the road, we forgot the cake top. turn around go back & get it. stop at party city for a few last minute things & hit the interstate, the same interstate that was just re-done, missed our exit since it's new & we're not so used to it yet. take the long way to mom's. miss the grocery store we were supposed to stop at. stopped at target instead, couldn't find anything i needed. took forever. finally got to mom's an hour after i had planned on being there. rush around to get the last of the food prepped & the decorations up. after all that i was finally able to sit back & relax a little.

what a great time we all had. great food. amazing company. lots of laughs. colton was showered with lots of love & got some really cool gifts. all in all another perfect day. it is so nice to have some family down here with us now. & i love that my kids have cousins here. it is the cutest thing watching the four of them run around & play with each other. we ate some yummy cake & called it a day. i was so stressed out all week about it & it ended up being perfect. another great party in the books. & again i overload you with photos. enjoy!


 [i made these & am so happy with how they turned out]

 [ordered a plain white cake. ordered the edible custom topper from ebay & made the paw prints]

[yes, a scooby party. hamburger cupcakes. we made these & they turned out amazing. the idea came from pinterest. picture is from my phone. can't believe i didn't take one with my camera]
[tie dye scooby doo rice krispie treats. we came up with this on our own]

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