Thursday, October 13, 2011

on being blah

this week has been rough. i have been so blah, i have felt like i have been run over by a train 10 times, not in the sense that i don't feel well i just have NO energy. not one single ounce.

let's take yesterday for example. i slept till 9:30am, the latest moment possible before jeremiah was out the door on his way to work. after i put the kids down for their nap, i fell asleep on the couch. when i woke up & realized i hadn't been asleep for long & the kids were still sleeping i moved to my bed ... & fell asleep. after dinner while jeremiah was watching the baseball game, i fell asleep on the couch again!

monday i woke up exhausted but had figured it was a long weekend & we had been so busy running around doing everything for colton's birthday/party. we took a lazy day. we played with new toys, took naps, stayed in our pajamas. it was great ... then tuesday i woke up feeling the exact same way! jer stayed home with us tuesday & aside from a trip to the grocery store we didn't do much. we played with the kids, i did the cleaning & laundry but i was just blahhhhh. which brings us to yesterday & now today?!

i am exhausted. thankfully colton wanted snuggles & a movie this morning so we just hung out in my bed watching scooby doo until braedon woke up. here i am thrilled that we can spend another day doing nothing. even when i am blah & lazy i pick up the house every night so the house is clean, the dishes are done, the laundry is done, so we... I ... can relax, play & the best part of the day is naptime, it can't come soon enough.

whatever is going on ... i want my energy back!!!

jeremiah got an invite to a special event at legoland florida from work. he has to work so my mom & i are taking the kids tomorrow, the park doesn't even open to the public until saturday so i am really looking forward to that, it would be nice if i could have some energy for tomorrow, maybe i should go to bed at 8pm tonight just to be safe.

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