Monday, October 3, 2011

now i know my abc's, next time won't you sing with me

so i might be the last person in the blogging world to jump on the bandwagon on this one but i figured i might as well. random information never hurts right. i'm not going to link back to anyone , i am not sure who started it & the list would go on for days. so anyways here are the abc's of me.

Age twenty five
Bedsize queen. as long as there are no kids in the bed, the size is fine but we could really use a new matress
Chore you most dislike the litter box & folding laundry.
Dogs not for me. i am much more of a cat person.
Essential start to my day smiles from my little guys & a pepsi or cup of coffee or i'll have an awful headache.
Favorite color to wear:white. in general: pink. bright green.
Gold or Silver silver or white gold. i am not a fan of gold
Height 5' 7" 5'8"ish somewhere in between
Instrument I've played i played the flute, many many years ago.
Job Title stay at home mom & wife :)
Kids two. braedon turned two in july & colton will be four on thursday.
Live in tampa.

Mother's name tracy.
Nicknames brina.
Overnight hospital stays more than i care to count :(
Pet Peeves mouth noises. oh my god. people chewing. even whistling drives me insane.
Quote from a movie my name is very f&$%ing confused, what's your name
Right or left handed right.
Siblings sister. chase. she is 10 years younger than me.
Time you wake up whenever my the kids wake up.
Underwear what about it. i own it, yes. i wear it, yes.
Vegetables I hate anything that's not a potato
What makes you late having two kids.
X-rays again this is a number higher than i can recall or care to figure out. i have had two so far this year.
Yummy food I make i hate cooking & i can't cook much. my desserts though, always a success.
Zoo animal favorite hippo. tigers & the polar bears[but those are at sea world]

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