Thursday, October 13, 2011

monsters & lizards & headaches, oh my

today is one of "those" days. my head is KILLING me! i wish i could crawl in my bed, throw my blankets over my head & sleep until the sun comes up tomorrow ...instead ... i am listening to two small children chase each other around the house while screaming at the top of their lungs! it's these kind of days that my job is hard. i know you know what it's like. it's like they have a sensor, mom's head hurts?! lets be as loud as humanly possible.

on top of that it seems as though colton has convinced braedon there are monsters in his room. he keeps taking my hand & pulling me to the same spot over & over while saying & crying monster. colton tries to justify this by saying "it's okay mom, they are already gone. i got them all" that's a huge big brother FAIL!!! this monster non-sense has been going on for an hour, nothing i say seems to make a dent, braedon doesn't care what i have to say about it, he is convinced. i am hoping by the time it's time for bedtime he has forgotten about.

oh & another cherry on my day. i see my cat throwing something around with his mouth. he is a hunter & for that i am thankful but i notice something doesn't seem right. this is not even a little house spider, or big house spider. i get in for a closer look .... i think it's a ... okay, i think i know what it is but i am not sure & it's not dead. i sit & watch for a couple minutes. finally i see no life left & teco has lost interest now that his play toy isn't moving anymore. i grab the dust pan to go clean up his dirty work. yep, i was right ... it was a LIZARD. you know those obnoxious little florida lizards. gross gross gross. cleaning up lizard was not on my to do list today.

so about crawling in bed & throwing the covers over my head?!?!

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