Wednesday, October 19, 2011


okay so here is the story with colton.

last week on wednesday colton came to me & said my neck hurts real bad on the inside & out. i had took this to mean he had a sore throat. he was running a real low grade fever as well. i gave him some tylenol & called it a day. he told me the medicine worked, that he felt better & that was about the end of it.a few times over the course of a few days i would hear "oh my neck hurts" during a hug, or playing with braedon, i didn't even think anything of it. nothing was wrong with him. we went to legoland friday, he was fine. saturday we spent at home but he again was fine all day & sunday the kids spent the day at my parents house while we were at the football game. nothing out of the ordinary.

monday morning around 10:30am jeremiah was getting ready to leave for work & put his hands on colton's face to give him a hug & kiss before he left & colton screamed, started crying "you hurt my neck, it hurts real bad" at first jeremiah is like wait what?! i didn't do anything! ... then we saw/felt it.

the right side of his face was huge under his jaw. it was so swollen, hard & obviously painful for him. immediately i freaked out! where did it come from?! how long was it there?! how could we not have noticed it?! i called both my parents. they said they didn't notice a thing. he was his normal self all day sunday. nothing was off. my mom took pictures, we smiled while looking at them. nobody noticed a thing. i guess maybe if nothing is wrong, you're not looking for anything. i mean he had no symptoms, or anything. 

after we noticed it we started to look back at pictures from the week. wednesday it was a little bit swollen but if you didn't know something was wrong i don't think you would be able to tell. friday the same way. in pictures from sunday i could see it, but i didn't see him all day, he fell asleep in the car on the way home & went straight to bed & then monday morning we were only up for a little while. we decided since it was so big & hard & causing pain we should go to the doctor. since he didn't have any symptoms, no fever, no sore throat, earache, etc we decided jer didn't have to miss work & we would go after so that's what we did.

when jeremiah got off work we packed up & headed to the after hours clinic. after about an hour & a half we finally saw the doctor. when he walked in the room & looked at colton he almost jumped back & said "oh that's mumps" EXCUSE ME?! he has had every vaccine, i didn't even know people still got that?! obviously he was trying to give me a heart attack because when he actually felt it he said "oh yeah, that's a lymph node".

he ordered some blood work & said he would be back soon. this next part was heart breaking. i mean my heart was literally in thousands of pieces. one of my worst moments in parenthood yet. they lay colton down on the table. jeremiah & a nurse holding him while another draws blood. i am in a chair containing braedon, who is trying to jump out of my arms to save his big brother, he was so concerned about him. colton is laying on the table SCREAMING :
"why are they hurting me. why are you letting them hurt me"
that's it i was done. once the doctor told us he was going to take blood we tried to explain to colton he was going to have a pinch because they needed to do tests to find out what kind of medicine to give him. he wasn't prepared. after they were done & had the bandaid on i scooped him up & sat down in the rocking chair. at that moment he was my baby, he needed his mommy. while i sat there rocking him, he sat there crying & crying. tears streaming down his face saying 
"why did they hurt me like that. why did you let them hurt me. why did they have to hurt me so bad"
nothing i was saying made a difference to him in that moment & my heart was shattered. 

the doctor comes back in the room with a piece of paper, the results[ of 2 of 3 tests, one had to be sent out] he says "usually when large lumps appear on children with no symptoms, for no reason, we worry about lyphoma. it's always a concern" seriously dude, my heart is on the floor again. he then goes on to tell us his blood work seems okay. a couple of the numbers are off but that's because his body is fighting an infection & everything else looks good. he tells us from what he sees there is no cause for concern right now. he tells us it doesn't look bacterial, but more viral, but can't be sure so prescribes antibiotics just in case. he says his best evaluation is that he has lymphadenitis an infection of the actual lymph node itself. no strep, no ear infection, but the actual gland. i guess it's kind of odd but he said that because it's only on one side, so big, localized that s what he thinks.he told us to follow up with our pediatrician, we got our paperwork & were on our way. they told us they would call with the rest of the blood work.

yesterday they called back with the results of the send out test & they were normal. thank goodness, too much stress in the past couple days. then we call our ped to make an appointment for him thursday, they say they have none, that we have to call back wednesday after 3pm to make a special appointment to get him in. later in the day they call us back & tell us to be there at 9:15 since the other doctor said we had to be in for a follow up.

so now we just wait. i am hoping that they are satisfied with the first test results, my heart is going to break if he has to go through that again, but if its whats best that's how it's going to be. i am optimistic that tomorrow we will go & all will be fine.

we started the antibiotics yesterday[for 14 days]. he took tylenol three times yesterday & used a "warm pack" through the day since it was hurting him & took tylenol again today. the doctor told us to give it to him even without a fever to help with the pain & also told us that it will probably be big & uncomfortable for at least a few more days. 

so we have just been taking it easy lately. i will update again tomorrow after his doctors appointment. 

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