Sunday, October 23, 2011

look what we found this morning

colton & i walked outside this morning & this is what we found

[big ball of fluff]
[this is my favorite]
[beautiful eyes]

[this is the white one sleeping on top of one of the little black ones]

it is a little family i am assuming. they were all playing with each other & sleeping in a big pile. there is the white one in the pictures, the brown one in the pictures & i think i saw two black ones. they're so cute! not really sure where they came from. wish i could take them all in but my husband would probably have a stroke. but hey, that's how we got teco. he showed up one day, didn't want to leave, jeremiah ended up feeling sorry for him & we took him in.

they have been hanging out in my yard all day. if they don't find their home soon i'll probably take some food out there for them, i feel bad.

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