Saturday, October 15, 2011

legoland florida

oh my gosh! what a fun day! yesterday morning i got up rushed to get the kids fed, dressed packed & ready to go along with doing the same for myself. my mom came & picked us up & we hit the road. the 45 minute drive to winter haven/ legoland wasn't too bad.

when we got there & stopped at the parking booth with my money in hand, showed the woman our "invitation" & she said "oh, you're here for the media event" yes, actually, yes i am. haha! get the car parked & everything situated & headed to the entrance. i find a ticket window that says ford check in. obviously that's where we needed to be. we hand them our invitation & they hand us four FREE tickets. yes. $70/adult $60/child & the four of us, the boys, my mom & myself just all got in for free. my husbands job does have its perks at times.

because it was a special "media event"[the park isn't even open to the public until today] it was empty. the kids were able to get out of their stroller & just walk around with us because it was that empty. we didn't really have to wait in line for anything. it was amazing. colton went on just about everything he could & braedon joined us on the ones he was big enough for. we also spent a lot of time looking at everything. the detail put into each & every piece there was incredible, it was so cool.

all in all we had a perfect day. the kids were both so well behaved all day long. the park was soo cool, it was fun spending the day with my mom & to be honest, it was kind of cool to be at a VIP media event, can't say i have ever done that before. i will certainly take the kids back ... but it won't be for awhile. there are now, with florida included, only four legoland parks in the world. as you all know florida brings tourists to begin with & now there is a brand new theme park. that place is going to be slammed packed for the next year. i will wait, then by the time we go again maybe braedon will be a bit bigger & able to ride a few more things.

just a sneak peek of photos. i have so many pictures i want to share but i took over 200 so i am going to have to pick my favorites. be on the lookout for them. such a cool place

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